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MIGAL – Galilee Research Institute is an applied research organization specializing in the fields of biotechnology, environmental and agriculture sciences. MIGAL was established in 1979 in the city of Kiryat Shmona to create a scientific research core facility and knowledge-based economic generator at Israel's northern periphery. MIGAL's mission is to maintain and expand its innovative scientific research activities, and extend the economic and societal benefits of those activities throughout the Galilee. MIGAL is highly unique, serving not only as a center of scientific excellence, but also a hub of outreach to industry, agriculture and education for Israel’s northern periphery.


Aiming to create a self-sustaining knowledge-based economy in the upper Galilee, MIGAL consolidated all of its R&D, applied research and translational research activities under one virtual entity which operates as a technology accelerator. The accelerator is a target oriented organization, focusing on the necessary actions required to move projects to an optimal objective. It takes benefit of existing facilities and infrastructure in MIGAL to achieve its goals.




9 May, 2016 Dr. Dror Noy Bioenergetics and Protein Design laboratory
Aromatic ring deformation has long been postulated as a mechanism for tuning the absorption spectra of chlorophylls in their natural protein environment.
Dror Noy's lab provided the first direct demonstration of such a mechanism in the water-soluble chlorophyll binding protein (WSCP) from Brassicaceae. Their work is published in and highlighted on the cover of Angewandte Chemie International Edition (10.1002/anie.201512001).
Dr. Dror Noy Bioenergetics and Protein Design laboratory
7 April, 2016 יום המעשים הטובים 2016
6 March, 2016 Creating immune system ‘assassins’ to protect insulin-producing cells
Professor Wong and Professor Gideon Gross are working on a JDRF-funded project as part of a BIRAX (Britain Israel Research and Academic Exchange Partnership) research partnership. This project is one of two BIRAX grants, jointly funded by JDRF and the British Council.
1 March, 2016 סטורס חברת פורטפוליו של מכון המחקר הישומי מיגל, והחממה הטכנולוגית טרנדליינס אגטק מקבוצת טרנדליינס, מודיעה על השלמת סבב גיוס של כמיליון דולר
בסבב ההשקעה של החברה, המפתחת חיישנים זעירים למדידת פוטנציאל המים בגזע לצורך השקיה מדייקת, השתתפו כל בעלי המניות של החברה: מכון מחקר ישומי מיגל, קבוצת טרנדליינס, ענת הלגוע סולומון וד"ר משה מירון, אליהם הצטרפו משקיעים חדשים: שלמה נחמה, גפן קפיטל והתאחדות האיכרים והחקלאים באמצעות חברת עמיר הספקה
28 December, 2015 JRC Workshop on Bioenergy & Bioeconomy, Status & Perspectives
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