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18 April, 2019


Dates 11-15 August 2019


Location Tel-Hai College, Upper Galilee, Israel

Application deadline May 19, 2019





Workshop Overview

Tel-Hai College and MIGAL-Galilee Research Institute are offering a unique workshop in bioinformatics. Participants will gain practical experience in NGS analysis and theory, statistical and analytical approaches and hands-on practice using a variety of tools.

The 5-day workshop will include the following topics:

  • Day 1: Introduction to next-generation sequencing data analysis, Linux command line
  • Day 2: Cleaning and trimming raw data, introduction to alignment algorithms and tools
  • Day 3: Transcriptome and genome assembly, Expression profiling and statistics
  • Day 4: Gene annotation
  • Day 5: Genome-wide association mapping, variant calling, and processing, phylogenetic analysis, and inferences


 Dr. Sariel Hübner & Dr. Itai Sharon



Dr. Sariel Hübner research focuses on the evolutionary genomics of various crop species and their wild relatives.

Dr. Hübner is a faculty member in the Department of Biotechnology at Tel-Hai College and the head of the Quantitative and Population Genomics lab at MIGAL - Galilee Research Institute.  


Dr. Itai Sharon studies the microbiome of humans, flowers, and plants using metagenomics and other environmental data.

Dr. Sharon is a faculty member in the Department of Computer Science in Tel-Hai College and is the head of the Computational Microbiology lab at MIGAL - Galilee Research Institute. 




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