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The lab for fruit storage and preservation, first of its kind in Israel, has started working in MIGAL this year. The lab explores ways to improve storage conditions and extending the shelf life of various fruits, from deciduous like pears and apples, to kiwi, pomegranate, citrus, mango, bananas, avocado, lychee, and dates. With a track record of over 50 years, the lab provides unique laboratory and R&D services and professional consultation to a wide variety of clients. The lab is equipped with twenty-four 5.5 cubic meter storage compartments suited for storage in controlled air, two semi-commercial size storage rooms of 55 cubic meters (where 20 fruit containers may be stored) and, additionally, three "shelf life" rooms simulating grocery stores marketing, where temperature and humidity can be controlled. These storage spaces allow the examination of the effect of different aspects (e.g., temperature, humidity,
air compostion) on the fruit quality all the way from picking to the consumer, as well as processes of export imaging.
The studies that are done at the lab enable to extend the period of storage and marketing while maintaining an optimal produce quality in terms of health and nutrition. Studies focus on the optimal ripening for storage and marketing, adjusting storage conditions to particular kinds of produce, responding to decomposition factors of fresh produce with physical or biological environment-friendly means, and developing protocols for handling fruit at all stages in the post-harvest system from harvesting, through handling, storage, processing and marketing to final delivery to the consumer, for both the local market and export purposes.

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