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The microbiology group includes virologists, bacteriologists and mycologists. Their interests range from the understanding of microbial behavior and function to genomics and functional genomics. Research topics include the study of bacterial metabolism, virulence and environmental aspects. There is also extensive research aimed at identifying new antibiotics and developing novel vaccines.

Research Groups

Virology and Vaccine Development Laboratory

vaccine; tumor; virology; immunology; poultry

Prof. Jacob Pitcovski - Head

Molecular and Environmental Microbiology Laboratory

Dr. Chen Katz - Head

Microbial Metabolic Pathways Research Laboratory

Dr. Itamar Yadid - Head


Prof. Segula Masaphy - Applied Mycology and Microbiology

Directed enzyme evolution for the degradation of recalcitrant molecules

Dr. Livnat Afriat-Jurnou - Head


Post-graduate and post-doctoral research training


Laboratories and research projects


Business opportunities and technology transfer