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Plant Quantitative and Population Genomics

Dr. Sariel Hübner

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In the lab we integrate experimental ecology and agricultural practices with high-throughput genomics and bioinformatics to study the genetics of adaptation and domestication in crop plants and their wild relatives. Much of our work is focused on identifying the genetic changes that underlie the formation of new varieties, and more generally, the genotype-phenotype-environment interaction.




PhD, 2013, University of Haifa.

M.Sc., 2009, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Academic Positions    

2016 Head of Plant Quantitative and Population Genomics Laboratory, MIGAL – Galilee Research Institute.
2016 Lecturer, Department of Biotechnology, Tel-Hai Academic Collage.
2016 Honorary Research Associate, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.
2013-2016 Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Botany, University of British Columbia, Canada.

Awards and Fellowships    

2009 The R.H. Smith Award for Excellence in Agriculture.
2009 COST Fund. European Union: Stuttgart, Germany.
2010 Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) Scholarship Program, Germany
2012 Wise Fellowship. Tel Aviv University, Israel.
2012 Wolf Scholarship. Wolf Foundation, Israel.
2013-2014 Post-Doctoral Award. University of Haifa, Israel.

Selected Publications

Genomic analysis of 6,000-year-old cultivated grain illuminates the domestication history of barley.

Nature Genetics 2016 Volume 48 Pages 1089–1093 Mascher M., Schuenemann V.J., Davidovich U., Marom N., Himmelbach A., Hübner S., Korol A., David M., Reiter E., Riehl S., Schreiber M., Vohr S.H., Green R.E., Dawson I.K., Russell J., Kilian B., Muehlbauer G.J., Waugh R., Fahima T., Krause J., Weiss E., Stein N. Read online

Identification of Conserved Drought-Adaptive Genes Using a Cross-Species Meta-Analysis Approach

BMC Plant Biology 2015 Volume 15 Pages 111 Shaar L.*, Hübner S.*, Peleg Z. Read online

RNA-Seq Analysis Identifies Genes Associated with Differential Reproductive Success Under Drought-Stress in Accessions of Wild Barley Hordeum spontaneum

BMC Plant Biology 2015 Volume 15 Pages 134 Hübner S., Korol A.B., Schmid K.J. Read online

What We Still Don’t Know About Invasion Genetics

Molecular Ecology 2014 Volume 24 Pages 2277-2297 Bock D.G., Caseys C., Cousens R.D., Hahn M., Heredia S.M., Hübner S., Turner K.G., Whitney K.D. and Rieseberg L.H Read online

Phenotypic Landscapes: Phenological Patterns in Wild and Cultivated Barley

Journal of Evolutionary Biology 2013 Volume 26 Pages 163–174 Hübner S., Bdolach E., Ein-Gedi S., Schmid K.J., Korol A.B., and Fridman E. Read online

Genome Differentiation of Drosophila melanogaster from a Microclimate Contrast in Evolution Canyon, Israel

Proceedings National Academy of Science USA 2013 Volume 110 Pages 21059-21064 Hübner S., Rashkovetskya E., Kimc Y.B., Ohd J.H., Michalakc K., Weiner D., Korol A.B., Nevo E., and Michalack P. Read online

Islands and Streams: Clusters and Gene Flow in Wild Barley Populations from the Levant.

Molecular Ecology 2012 Volume 21 Pages 1115-1129 Hübner S., Günther T., Flavell A., Fridman E., Graner A., Korol A.B., and Schmid K.J. Read online

Strong Correlation of Wild Barley Population Structure (Hordeum spontaneum) with Temperature and Precipitation Variation

Molecular Ecology 2009 Volume 18 Pages 1523-1536 Hübner S., Höffken M., Oren E., Haseneyer G., Stein N., Graner A., Schmid K.J., and Fridman E. Read online


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