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International collaborations at MIGAL

International collaborations at MIGAL

MIGAL's scientists have publications in prestigious journals and are involved in several international research projects such as Horizon 2020 (as well as FP5; FP6; FP7 (including ERC); ENPI; PRIMA, etc. and bi-national such as BARD; BIRD, NIH; as well as many national competitive projects.

The R&D ecosystem of MIGAL supports strong collaborations and encourages interactions between academia and industry, leveraging public and private sector resources to foster ties and encourage commercial growth.  We combine strong academic research with extensive practical experience in providing a valuable bridge that connects researchers and early-stage projects with investors and partnerships.

:Current projects


11 November, 2019
On the 28th and 29th of October, the Kick-off meeting of the STARGATE project took place at Hotel Capsis in Thessaloniki, Greece. The coordinator of the project is Prof Dimitrios MOSHOU, Senior researcher at CERTH, Head of Agricultural Engineering Laboratory Faculty of Agriculture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. MIGAL is a partner in this consortium, and has a budget for four years of 372,000 Euros. In this meeting over 45 persons participated from the 26 institutes involved.
The focus of STARGATE will be on Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) and will extensively study the benefits of applying agri-environment-climate technical solutions to achieve sustainable agricultural development at the landscape level. It means to support farm management modernization and at the same time get to know the underlying ecological factors that shape the farming landscape. STARGATE will develop model platforms to foster easy and affordable adoption by policymaking bodies. STARGATE will provide in More


18 April, 2019
Dates 11-15 August 2019
Location Tel-Hai College, Upper Galilee, Israel

Workshop Overview
Tel-Hai College and MIGAL-Galilee Research Institute are offering a unique workshop in bioinformatics. Participants will gain practical experience in NGS analysis and theory, statistical and analytical approaches and hands-on practice using a variety of tools. More


19 February, 2019
-- 4th LIVAGE COST CA 16106 Meeting in Galilee --
MIGAL is a representative of the State of Israel in the European network called COST CA16106. This COST network deals with the reduction of greenhouse gases, especially ammonia, in animal houses.
At the last conference held in late September 2018, in Skopje, Macedonia, representatives of the participating countries decided to hold the next conference in Israel. There are about 30 countries participating in this COST network, which is one of the largest. About 50 researchers and industry professionals attend this CA16106 network.
The conference will be held at the Galilion Hotel in the Galilee between 18-21st February 2019, and is supported by the Israeli Ministry of Science and the Cost Foundation. More

An artificial water-soluble photosystem by protein design - ERC-2013-CoG

1 January, 2019
This project aims at producing a fully functional light energy conversion system that is inspired by, but does not necessarily mimic, the fundamental solar energy conversion unit of natural photosynthesis – the photosystem. This is a formidable challenge that can be met with thorough understanding of biological energy and electron transfer processes, and the growing capabilities of computational protein design. Here, this knowledge and capabilities will be further developed and utilized for the design and construction of multi-cofactor, multi-subunit protein complexes with photosystem functionality. These will be designed to efficiently capture light in the visible and near infrared range, exploit it for driving the oxidation of a molecular redox carrier at one end, and providing highly reducing electrons at the other end. More

BRIGAID - BRIdges the GAp for Innovations in Disaster resilience

1 January, 2019
Recent studies from the IPCC indicate that Europe is particularly prone to increased risks of river and coastal floods, droughts resulting in water restrictions and damages from extreme weather such as heat events and wildfires. Evaluations also show a huge potential to reduce these risks with novel adaptation strategies. Researchers, innovators and incubators develop innovative products and services to reduce the increased climate change risks. Many of these innovations however hardly arrive at the markets. More

Enabling project

1 January, 2019
Enabling project
ENABLING is the initiative of 16 partners in 13 EU and associated (Israel and Norway) countries. The main goal of this Horizon 2020 project is to support the spreading of best practices and innovation in the provision (production, pre-processing) of biomass for the BBI (Bio-Based Industry). In particular, ENABLING aims at creating appropriate conditions for the development of efficient biomass to BBPs (Bio-Based Products and Processes) value chains.
ENABLING is based on the consortium’s vision that the biomass to BBPs value chains can enhance economic growth, a sound management of natural resources and positively contribute to job-creation in the regions and countries where they can be deployed.
ENABLING plans to develop a Community of Practice (stakeholders) that will lead to a permanent and structured brokerage platform enabling cooperation and development of biomass streams for the BBPs at European scale. Members is each country will collect best practices and More


1 January, 2019
MIGAL participate with another 12 partners from 9 countries in a project dealing with the gender issue in the academia, coordinated by Selerno University in Italy.

R&I PEERS is a Horizon 2020 project, funded by the European Commission, with the mission of providing “Pilot experiences for improving gender equality in research organisations.” More

Researchers' Night

1 January, 2019
As part of the European Researchers' Night, which is part of Horizon 2020 programme, the European Commission will fund in 2018-2019 55 projects in 27 countries, including Israel. This Europe-wide initiative powered by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions is operated at MIGAL for the last 11 years with big success. By going out and promoting their research, the researchers, nearby industries and start-ups in the Galilee are exposing science to the public, inspire a new generation of researchers.


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