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Tel-Hai College and MIGAL Galilee Research Institute Held an innovative workshop in computational biology

28 August, 2017

An international workshop in bioinformatics was held last week at Tel-Hai College in collaboration with MIGAL Galilee Research Institute.

The workshop brought together 40 participants from various academic institutions in Israel, foreign researchers and several representatives from the industry. Participants came from all levels of academia ranging from early stage graduate students to senior academic faculty staff.

The workshop focused on advanced computational methods to address different aspects in next-generation sequencing data analysis, including sequence manipulation, alignment, assembly, variant calling and downstream analysis such as phylogenomics and genome wide association mapping.

The workshop was initiated by Dr. Itai Sharon, a faculty at the department of computer science in Tel-Hai College and the head of the computational microbiology laboratory at MIGAL Galilee Research Institute, together with Dr. Sariel Hübner, a faculty at the department of biotechnology in Tel-Hai College and the head of the plant genomics laboratory at MIGAL Galilee Research Institute.

The goal of the workshop was to provide participants with a practical toolkit and theoretical knowledge to utilize high throughput DNA sequencing technologies that are at the forefront of modern life science research with applications in fields such as personalized medicine, drug development, microbiome research and advanced plant and animal breeding.

Following the high demand for the event and the very positive feedback from the participants, we expect that similar workshops in computational biology will become a tradition in the upper Galilee.


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