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The nutrition group includes nutritionists, biochemists, physiologists, epidemiologist, chemists and molecular biologists. Their mission is to explore the relationship between nutrition and health. They aim to test dietary and behavioral interventions, to prevent obesity and its associated disorders, to characterize biological systems that regulate dietary behaviors, metabolism and energy balance, to understand why there are individual differences in metabolism and nutrient requirements (nutrigenomics and metabolomics) and to determine how whole foods and specific nutrients impact health and promote well-being. 

Research Groups

Laboratory of Integrative Physiology (LIP).

Obesity; Circadian rhythm; Metabolism

Dr. Roee Gutman - Head

Laboratory of vascular signaling research

EDHF; CYP-epoxygenase; vascular dilation; PON1; PUFA

Dr. Andrea Szuchman-Sapir - Head

Development and Testing of Toxicology Models Laboratory

Histology; immunohistochemistry ; microscopy;  "electrolytic water; "ionized water"

Dr. Karen Jackson - Head

Molecular Biology of Chronic Diseases Laboratory

microRNA; RNA; obesity; diabetes; cancer; gene expression

Dr. Ari Meerson - Head

Human Health and Nutrition Sciences Laboratory

Prof. Snait Tamir - Head


Post-graduate and post-doctoral research training


Laboratories and research projects


Business opportunities and technology transfer