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Publications By Migal Researchers

Publications By Migal Researchers

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15N photo-CIDNP MAS NMR analysis of reaction centers of Chloracidobacterium thermophilum.

Photosynthesis research 2018 Zill JC, He Z, Tank M, Ferlez BH, Canniffe DP, Lahav Y et al.

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Constitutive expression of feedback-insensitive cystathionine -synthase increases methionine levels in soybean leaves and seeds.

Journal of Integrative Agriculture 2018 Volume 17 Issue 1 Pages 54–62 Yu Y, Hou W, Hacham Y, Sun S, Wu C, Matityahu I, Song S, Amir R, Han T. Read online

Reforming Provisional (2007-2008) Sarotherodon galilaeus Landing Decline in Lake Kinneret (Isreal)

Open Journal Of Modern Hydrology 2018 Volume 8 Pages 13-27 Gophen, M. Read online

The impact of olive mill wastewater spreading on soils using integrated approach of proximal soil survey, spatial, and multivariate analyses

Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2018 Volume 25 Pages 7469–7478 M. Iggy Litaor & Nanak Khadya Read online

Thiamine-based organoclay for phenol removal from water

Applied Clay Science 2018 Volume 155 Pages 50-56 Ben Moshe, S., Rytwo, G. Read online

Utilization of polysaccharides to modify salt release and texture of a fresh semi hard model cheese.

Food Hydrocolloids 2018 Volume 75 Pages 95-106 Benjamin, O.; Davidovich, M.; Spiegelman, A., Rytwo, G. Read online


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