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Publications By Migal Researchers

Publications By Migal Researchers

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Damage to Salamandra infraimmaculata Populations by Human Activity in Creating Water Pits Is a Death Trap in Semi-Arid Habitats.

Open J. Anim. Scien. 2019 Volume 9 Pages 23-34 Degani, G., Grosman, U., Goldberg, T., Hanegbi, N. Read online

Ecological and Genetic Variation of the Distribution of Various Species of Amphibians at the Southern Border of their Distribution.

Int J Plant Anim Environ Sci. 2019 Volume 9 Pages 21-41 Degani, G Read online

Methods for Studying Magnaporthiopsis maydis, the Maize Late Wilt Causal Agent.

Agronomy 2019 Volume 9 Issue 4 Pages 181 Degani O., Dor S., Movshovitz D. and Rabinovitz O., Read online

Obesity impacts the regulation of miR-10b and its targets in primary breast tumors.

BMC Cancer 2019 Volume 19 Issue 86 Meerson A, Eliraz Y, Yehuda H, Knight B, Crundwell M, Ferguson D, Lee BP, Harries LW. Read online

Ovine plasma dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine does not predict decompression bubbling.

Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology 2019 Volume 259 Pages 26-29 Arieli R., Khatib S., and Vaya J. Read online

Serum miR-122 levels correlate with diabetic retinopathy and high cardiovascular mortality rate.

Clinical and Experimental Medicine 2019 Volume Online ISSN 1591-9528 Pages 1-6 Pastukh N, Meerson A, Kalish D, Jabaly H, Blum A.
Read online

Sex differences in plasma microRNA biomarkers of early and complicated diabetes mellitus in Israeli Arab and Jewish patients.

Non-coding RNA 2019 Volume 5 Issue 2 Pages 32 Meerson A, Najjar A, Saad E, Sbeit W, Barhoum M, Assy N.
Read online

Sex-related gonadal gene expression differences in the Russian sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii) grown in stable aquaculture conditions.

Animal Reproduction Sci. 2019 Volume 200 Pages 75-85 Degani G, Hurvitz A, Eliraz Y, Meerson A. Read online


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