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MIGAL is a research institute that brings together competences from multi-disciplinary and highly complementary scientific groups. Research in MIGAL coves a broad range of topics in chemistry, biochemistry, genetics, plant sciences, nutrition, health and environmental studies. The research projects range from basic science to applied biotechnological studies and from molecular structures to physiological functions of viruses, bacteria, fungi, plants, animals and men.



Biotechnology research is central to MIGAL. Many laboratories integrate basic and applied research that can be translated into applications in food, functional foods, agriculture, energy, pharma and medicine. More


Biochemical research in MIGAL relies on expert researchers in analytical chemistry, organic synthesis, enzymology, structural biology and protein chemistry. Research topics range from the identification and characterization of natural products and chemical inhibitors, to drug design and development of new enzymes and activity by protein design, metabolic engineering and molecular genetics. More


The microbiology group includes virologists, bacteriologists and mycologists. Their interests range from the understanding of microbial behaviour and function through genomics and functional genomics. The research topics include the study of bacterial metabolism, virulence and environmental aspects. There is also extensive research aimed at identifying new antibiotics and developing novel vaccines. More


The nutrition group includes nutritionists, biochemists, physiologists, epidemiologist, chemists and molecular biologists. Their mission is to explore the relationship between nutrition and health. They aim to test dietary and behavioral interventions, to prevent obesity and its associated disorders, to characterize biological systems that regulate dietary behaviors, metabolism and energy balance, to understand why there are individual differences in metabolism and nutrient requirements (nutrige More

Environmental Sciences

Eastern Upper Galilee, also known as the “land of brooks and streams” provides almost 25% of the potable water to the state of Israel. Hence, environmental research in Migal is conducted in a multi- and interdisciplinary approach towards sustainable farming practices, eco- tourism, and clean and green industrial development. The Environmental Sciences group of Migal addresses topics in plant metabolism, environmental health, soil and water chemistry, watershed studies, animal ecology and biodive More

Computational Sciences and Bioinformatics

In recent years there is a growing need to develop new computational methods for handling large amount of data in a wide range of scientific fields. The computational group at MIGAL consists of scientist from a broad range of informatics-based disciplines such as: Computer sciences and mathematics, cheminformatics, bioinformatics and biophysics. Currently, the group is focused on developing and applying new algorithms and methods for drug discovery, structural and systems biology. More

Translational and Applied Research Programs

Migal encourages leading researchers to become involved in translational research and later in R&D efforts based on their work. Our research forms the basis for a large number of agro-innovation and BioMed projects, some of which ended up as successful, publically traded, biotech companies. Migal’s unique Research-Entrepreneurs program allows researchers to pursue high-risk commercialization oriented projects. More


Post-graduate and post-doctoral research training


Laboratories and research projects


Business opportunities and technology transfer