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Towards a Common Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Agenda

29 April, 2014

Prof Uri Marchaim received an official invitation from the European Commission, DG Research & Innovation, Southern Neighbourhood - Middle East for the Euro-Mediterranean innovation workshop, to present a case study on innovation action in the Galilee. It was a consultation on “Towards a Common Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Agenda” and was followed by a meeting of the MedSpring regional platform in research and innovation. All countries of the Southern and Northern Mediterranean Sea Basin were presented (except Syria) and it enabled some discussions with EU officials and delegates from Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Turkey (not with the Algerian and Lebanese delegates).

The workshop took place at the Charlemagne Building of the European Commission in Brussels with delegates from Mediterranean countries and EU countries (and Israel was presented by Marcel Shaton of ISERD).

It was followed in the afternoon with the meeting of the MedSpring members in which the EMEG1 position paper was summarized and plans for EMEG2 were presented.


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