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Translational and applied research

Translational and applied research

The Researcher/Entrepreneur ("R/E's") program was created to bring leading entrepreneurship - oriented scientists to MIGAL. The R/E program incorporates an entirely unique "hybrid" model that supports pure applied research with business-oriented direction, with the goal of launching independent companies. The program provides the academic and laboratory infrastructure of a university, with the business support services of a technological incubator. To our knowledge, no such program exists in or outside of Israel. As a private research institute with academic affiliations, a strong applied science orientation, and a firm commitment to regional development, MIGAL is uniquely positioned to establish such an innovative initiative. Participants in the R/E program are selected based on research excellence as well as on the strength of their entrepreneurial program and capacity. In addition to research infrastructure, which all MIGAL scientists are eligible for, the substantial funding for innovation expenses and the business development support that the R/Es receive, provide important added value and distinguish this program not only within MIGAL, but among academic/research institutions in general.


The R/E's program runs under the administration of MIGAL- Applicable Research LTD ("MAR")

Research proposals are selected according to their scientific and commercial feasibility.

Once accepted into the program, the R/E will have three years to achieve "proof of concept" to the point that they are able to recruit venture capital or industrial funding and establish an independent start-up company. During this time, the R/E will be responsible for the execution of all technology-oriented activities, while MAR's Project Director and Steering Committee will handle the business aspects of each project. During research entrepreneurship each R/E will be financed on average for up to $577K.


A Steering Committee, headed by Dr. A. Schwartz, ex-Senior VP New Ventures at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, has been established by MAR specifically for the R/E program. The Steering Committee will be responsible for overseeing the selection and recruitment process, developing a work plan and budget for each R/E project, and monitoring the progress of each project at six-month intervals. In addition, the Steering Committee will oversee the business development of the R/E project over the 3-year program period.



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