Laboratory Director of Genomics in Plants

Required: Director of a Laboratory in the field of genomics in plants

The laboratory that deals with the understanding of evolutionary processes in plants at the genomic level, mainly in wheat, barley, sunflowers, and their relatives in nature.

Job Definition: planning and performing of field experiments, developing new protocols, performing hybridizations, DNA/RNA  productions, and preparation of sequencing samples (NGS), contact with companies and suppliers.

The laboratory uses advanced technologies, thus the ability to learn and assimilate innovative methods and approaches is required.

Job scope: part-time / full-time.
Start of work: Immediate.
Location: Miguel Laboratories (Kiryat Shmona).

Job requirements:

  1. Master's degree at least in one of the relevant fields of life sciences.
  2. Good interpersonal communication, organization and order.
  3. Diligence, responsibility and dedication.
  4. Independence and ability to learn independently.

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