Lab Manager for Integrative Physiology: Obesity and Circadian Rhythm

A laboratory manager is needed for a laboratory that studies pathways involved in the tendency for obesity and their relationship with the circadian clock mechanism at Migal.

The laboratory engages in the research of pathways that take part in the tendency for obesity and their relationship with the circadian biological clock mechanism, needs a laboratory manager for a multi-year research project funded by the Israel Science Foundation.

The laboratory specializes in diverse methods: biochemical, organismal physiology, animal behavior, molecular biology, preclinical models, and more.

Job description: design and execution of experiments, analysis of changes in expression levels of genes involved in weight control and circadian clock control, development of new protocols, analysis of data that is collected automatically and monitors the activity, food consumption, and energy expenditure of laboratory mice, and contact with companies and suppliers.

Job Scope: full time

Start of work: immediate.

Location: Migal Laboratories (Kiryat Shmona).

Job requirements:

  1. Scientific curiosity -  most important.
  2. Bachelors, Masters or PhD (advantage) in the field of life sciences (biotechnology, nutrition, animal sciences, and more.)
  3. Experience and usage animal models - an advantage.
  4. Experience with analyzing large databases (Excel, R, or python) is an advantage.
  5. Good interpersonal communication.
  6. Ability to work independently and familiarity with advanced research and analysis methods.

More information can be found on the laboratory website:

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