Molecular and Environmental Microbiology

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Metabolism of AGEs - Bacterial AGEs Are Degraded by Metallo-Proteases

I. Cohen-Or; C. Katz; E. Z. Ron
PLoS One 2013 Volume 8 Issue 10

AGEs secreted by bacteria are involved in the inflammatory response

I. Cohen-Or; C. Katz; E. Z. Ron
PLoS One 2011 Volume 6 Issue 3 Pages e17974

The ubiquitous conserved glycopeptidase Gcp prevents accumulation of toxic glycated proteins

C. Katz; I. Cohen-Or; U. Gophna; E. Z. Ron
Mbio 2010 Volume 1 Issue 3

Temperature-dependent proteolysis as a control element in Escherichia coli metabolism

C. Katz; A. Rasouly; E. Gur; Y. Shenhar; D. Biran; E. Z. Ron
Res Microbiol 2009 Volume 160 Issue 9 Pages 684-6

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