VP of R&D for MigVax Job Description

MigVax is developing an oral subunit vaccine for COVID-19.

The VP of R&D will oversee and supervise all of the scientific activities of MigVax.

This executive will be responsible for the:

  • Technology transfer, including collaborative work with MIGAL's scientists and labs
  • Support up scaling manufacturing including the bridging between MIGAL’s scientists and manufacturing facilities
  • Support pre-clinical and clinical development of the vaccine. These may include support of collaborations worldwide, conducting science and bench work outside of academia to support pre-clin and clin development
  • Potential integration of new technologies and supporting Company innovation, within the company, or through collaborations.

The VP of R&D will be responsible for recruiting and building the required teams as well as direct the R&D efforts of the Company.

The VP of R&D will be responsible for budgets, timelines and reporting to management and Board.


  1. PhD in Immunology or related field
  2. 7-10 years of Pharmaceutical industry experience, including management roles
  3. Experience in development of vaccine and/or drug
  4. Experience in development from bench to bedside
  5. Excellent problem-solver and ability to work with a lot of unknowns
  6. Team leader as well as team player
  7. Able to perform in both local and global environments

Please send your CV to avive@migal.org.il

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