Post-doctoral research positions: protein design for artificial photosynthesis

The Bioenergetics and protein design lab is looking for outstanding PhD students and post-doctoral fellows to join an exciting research project on artificial photosynthesis funded by the European Research Council (ERC). Artificial photosynthesis research aims at constructing artificial systems for converting solar energy into useful fuels by using natural photosynthesis as the source of inspiration. This ambitious goal can be achieved by implementing state of the art computational protein design, genetics, and systems biology. We are aiming at designing, constructing and characterizing water-soluble protein analogues of the primary photosynthetic enzymes. These will be used for testing and assembling new devices for light-driven fuel production inspired by the primary processes of photosynthesis.

We are looking for talented, creative postdoctoral fellows, and Ph.D. students who are interested in interdisciplinary research that combines protein design and engineering, photosynthesis and bio-energetics, and advanced spectroscopic and analytical methods.

Recombinant protein production.
Methods of protein purification and characterization (FPLC, analytical ultracentrifugation).
Spectroscopic methods including absorption, CD, and fluorescence.
Previous experience in photosynthesis and bioenergetics is an advantage
Previous experience in protein design/directed evolution is an advantage.
Organic chemists with good biochemistry background are most welcome.
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