Part-time Research Assistant in Computer Science

Miguel's laboratory in the field of precision agriculture needs a part-time research assistant for a job that combines software development and algorithmics.

Job Description: Research Assistant
Job scope: 50-60% job
Work begins: Immediately
Location: Miguel - Kiryat Shmona

Job requirements:

  • High programming skills.
  • Creativity, thinking outside the box, ability to answer and solve complex problems.
  • Programming knowledge of the python language - required
  • Programming knowledge in C #, .NET, php, MySQL, R - an advantage
  • Experience in image processing, machine learning, PyTorch, GIS (working with ARCGIS), spatial models - an advantage
  • English - High level reading and writing ability - required
  • Bachelor's / Master's degree in Computer Science - an advantage
  • Independence, reliability, diligence, ability to work in a team, order and organization at a high level


Please send a resume to Aviv Elbaz Noodle -

Computer science
Software development
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