Postdoc position in the vascular signaling research group is available now

The vascular signaling Laboratory in MIGAL – Galilee Research Institute located in Kiryat Shmona, Israel, offers doctoral and postdoc positions, available from January 2023.

The Lab focuses on the pathway that regulates the dilation and function of the microvascular. We investigate the effect of lipid mediators on microvascular dysfunction in various models of cells, arteries, and pre-clinical models.

Our current research focuses on molecular regulation and the signaling pathway mediated by lipid-lactones mediators, nanoparticle delivery, and in-vivo pre-clinical models for microvascular dysfunction. 

A vibrant community of Indian postdocs is already active in MIGAL and the nearby region.

Please contact:

Dr. Szuchman-Sapir Andrea
Head, Vascular signaling Laboratory
MIGAL – Galilee Research Institute
POB 831 Kiryat Shmona 11016, Israel
Tel: +972-4-6955029
Cell: +972-52-5-42001
Fax: +972-4-6944980

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