Seeking: Postharvest Research Assistant

The Postharvest Innovation Center in MIGAL is looking for a full-time research assistant. The position includes work in the center's research laboratory.

Job definition: Postharvest Research Assistant
Job scope: Full time
Starting: Immediate
Location: Kiryat Shmona, Postharvest Innovation Center, MIGAL

Job requirements:

  1. Master's degree in plant science / agriculture / biotechnology / life sciences - mandatory.
  2. Work experience in planning and performing laboratory experiments - mandatory.
  3. Good knowledge on how to use Microsoft OFFICE – mandatory.
  4. Experience in a variety of biochemical and molecular genetics methods - an advantage.
  5. Good technical skills and documentation capabilities.
  6. Experience in scientific writing in Hebrew and English - an advantage.
  7. Experience in performing statistical analysis - an advantage.
  8. Commitment, reliability, diligence, ability to work on a team, a high level of organization and order.
  9. Long-term commitment

Please send resume to Aviv Elbaz Nudel -

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