Senior Research Scientist positions in Life Science

MIGAL-Galilee Research Institute invites applicants for Research Group Leader positions in Life Sciences/Biotechnology.

MIGAL is an interdisciplinary research institute located in the Upper Galilee that encourages innovative research and collaboration across scientific, industrial, agricultural, academic and technological areas.  
MIGAL is affiliated with the Faculty of Science and Technology at the nearby Tel Hai College, leading the undergraduate and graduate programs in biotechnology, and environmental, water, nutritional, food, computer and animal sciences ( A position as Senior Research Scientist at MIGAL is accompanied by a faculty position at Tel Hai College.

Job description:
Senior Scientist/Research Group Leader in:

  • Computational/synthetic-biology focusing on operating principles of complex biological systems and design & engineering of small biomolecules.
  • Immunology with focus on either immunotherapy or vaccinology.
  • Applied Mycology with focus on edible mushroom physiology, metabolomics and cultivation.

Numbers of positions: 5

Applicants should have a Ph.D. degree and relevant Postdoctoral experience and have a basic knowledge of the Hebrew language (sufficient for communicating and teaching) and demonstrated leadership abilities. The positions are open to outstanding candidates of all academic levels. Predisposition for interdisciplinary collaboration is considered an advantage. Relocation to the Galilee is a prerequisite. 

Prioritized Areas & Disciplines:
molecular biology, biochemistry, molecular genetics, immunology, virology, cellular immunotherapy, functional genomics, microbiology, fungal physiology, advanced computational methods ,metabolic engineering, biomolecular signaling, microbial evolution

How to apply:
Applicants should send their detailed curriculum vitae, research and teaching statement, and a list of professional interests, as well as the names and affiliations of at least four potential referees to Mrs. Aviv Elbaz Nudel, Human Resources Manager at MIGAL,

For further details, applicants are invited to contact: Prof. Dan Levanon, Scientific Director of MIGAL Institute,  

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