A Tenure-track Joint Computer Science Position at Tel-Hai College and MIGAL Research Institute: December 2020

The Computer Science Department at Tel-Hai College, together with MIGAL Institute, invite applications for a tenure-track position. Candidates from all areas of Computer Science are encouraged to apply. Requirements: (i) a PhD in Computer Science, (ii) demonstrated promise in research, (iii) commitment to teaching, (iv) post-doctoral experience, and (v) high proficiency in Hebrew.

Tel-Hai College puts emphasis on high-quality teaching and, at the same time, it strongly encourages faculty to conduct research. The Computer Science Department, whose research capacity has profoundly grown in recent years, offers prominent benefits for those pursuing research, such as substantial funds for related expenses and a significant reduction in teaching load for faculty with proven research accomplishment.

At the same time, MIGAL is an interdisciplinary research institute located in the Upper Galilee that encourages innovative research and collaboration across scientific, industrial, agricultural, academic and technological specialties. It is affiliated with the Faculty of Science and Technology at Tel-Hai College. The scientific staff at MIGAL include 90 PhD-level researchers and 190 research associates comprising postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and technicians, deployed in four departments: (a) Plant Sciences; (b) Nutrition & Natural Products; (c) Molecular & Computational Biosciences and Biotechnology; (d) Precision Agriculture & Environmental Sciences.

This joint position is defined as a Faculty position at Tel-Hai College accompanied by a Senior Research Scientist position at MIGAL, at a 50%+50% level. It is open to outstanding candidates, whereas specialization in the broad research fields of either Computational/Synthetic Biology or Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be considered an advantage.

Relocation to the Galilee will be required; Tel-Hai/Migal will assist the recruited researchers in relocating to the area in, e.g., finding housing, childcare, etc. - together with the Upper Galilee regional Council.

Applications must comprise an updated CV, research and teaching statement and a list of professional interests as well as contact information of 3 references who can comment on the applicant's professional qualifications.

Please contact: Professor Ofer Shir  ofersh@telhai.ac.il
Head Computer Science Department Tel-Hai College
PI Computational intelligence Migal Institute


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Computational/Synthetic Biology
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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