Project Manager Position


The Migal Research Institute has a multidisciplinary approach which merges a range of disciplines including plant sciences, precise agriculture, biotechnology, nutrition and natural products, environmental sciences, computer sciences and other areas. The Unit for Business Activities in Migal is aimed at finding and applying research with commercial potential and company development.

Job Description:

  • Consolidation and setting up of feasible projects, including: drafting of work plans and research proposals, definition of objectives and targets, stages in progress and monitoring of project work, time-frame and budget.
  • Following the project with external agencies – The Innovation Authority, Ministry of Agriculture, the European Union and other agencies and organizations.
  • Close work with Migal researchers and research groups: close monitoring of project progress, drafting of progress and performance reports.
  • Responsibility for the integration between active research with potential for applied development between Migal and commercial enterprises.
  • Responsibility for finding complementary technology, collaboration with potential partners and initiation of working relationships with companies and research institution in Israel and abroad. 
  • Continuous reporting to the Deputy Director of the Unit for Business Activities of Migal.

Position Requirements:

  1. Degree in Engineering/ Electronics/Electrical engineering/computers/mechanical engineering/industrial/operational engineering and management – at least 5 years of experience.
  2. Proven ability in project management in research and development settings - required.
  3. Proven ability in preparation of work plans - required.
  4. Ability in analysis of data and reaching evidence-based conclusions.
  5. Knowledge in computer systems to support decision - asset.
  6. Background in working with academic institutions/research institutions/Research and Development institutions - asset.
  7. Ability to deal with multiple partners: researchers, managers, experts in specific fields, consultants.
  8. Excellent inter-personal communication skills and teamwork.
  9. Availability for full-time work.
  10. High level of English – required.

Position Location: - Kiryat Shmona

*The Vacancy is open equally to men and women.


Curriculum vitae can be sent by email to: or apply here


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