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Molecular Genetics in Agriculture laboratory

Prof. Martin Goldway

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Our main research subject is pollination and fertilization in Rosaceae - apple, pear, apricot, loquat and plum, are all cultivated in our region, the Upper Galilee. In Rosaceae self-pollen is rejected by the S-RNase-mediated gametophytic self-incompatibility (GSI) fertilization system. Therefor cross pollination between cultivars is essential for fruit set. We are studying the GSI mechanism, the flower physiology and pollination, including the addition of bumblebee, in related to yield quantity and fruit quality.

Lately we are also studying Avocado pollination and fertilization in order to further understand its fertilization system and identify new cultivars for the Israeli orchard.
Another area of our research is ripening of climacteric fruits. The research focuses on the molecular and physiological impact of the agent MCP1 which inhibits ethylene response and thus prolongs storage.



Ph.D. Dep. of Genetics, the Hebrew University
M.Sc. Dep. of Genetics, the Hebrew University

Academic and research experience
Post-Doctoral fellow Dep. of Molecular Genetics, Hadassah Medical School, Hebrew University
From 1993, Head of Molecular Genetics in Agriculture laboratory at MIGAL and a lecturer in the dep. of Biotechnology Tel Hai College. Currently, Head of the dep. of Biotechnology.

Selected Publications

Self-compatibility in loquat (Eriobotrya japonica Lindl.) is possibly due to S6-RNase mutation

Scientia Horticulturae 2013 Volume 161 Pages 43-48 R. Nyska; A. Raz; Z. Baras; S. Shafir; M. Goldway; D. Schneider Read online

Adding bumblebees (Bombus terrestris) to pear orchards increases seed number per fruit, fruit set, fruit size and yield

J. Hort. Sci. and Biotech 2012 Volume 87 Pages 353-359 Zisovich, H., Goldway, M., Schneider, D., Steinberg, S., Stern, E. and Stern, R.A.

1-Methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) application to Spadona pears at different stages of ripening to maximize fruit quality after storage

Postharvest Biology and Technology 2010 Volume 58 Issue 2 Pages 104-112 D. Gamrasni; R. Ben-Arie; M. Goldway Read online

Syrian pear (Pyrus syriaca) as a pollinator for European pear (Pyrus communis) cultivars

Scientia Horticulturae 2010 Volume 125 Issue 3 Pages 256-262 A. H. Zisovich; A. Raz; R. A. Stern; M. Goldway Read online

Molecular Basis and Horticultural Application of the Gametophytic Self-incompatibility System in Rosaceous Tree Fruits

Plant Breeding Ed: J. Janeck. 2007 Volume 28 Issue 7 Pages 215-237 Martin Goldway, Gal Sapir, and Raphael A. Stern


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