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Body weight regulation and circadian physiology

Obesity; Circadian rhythm; Metabolism

Dr. Roee Gutman

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My field of interest is Integrative Physiology, i.e. the broader aspects of physiology, involving and integrating mechanisms and regulatory functions at all biological levels spanning from molecular, cellular, tissue and organs to animal model and human physiology. Currently the research aims of my research group are to better understand mechanisms underlying energy homeostasis (body weight regulation), longevity, circadian physiology and their mutual interaction. We use human subjects and animal models and methods ranging from molecular and analytical chemistry to whole-animal and human calorimetry and locomotor activity measurements, all in order to assess:

1. The efficacy of biocomposites as novel food additives for the treatment of obesity and hyperlipidemia (in collaboration with Prof. Giora Rytwo, MIGAL and Tel-Hai Collage).
2. The usage of insect-based protein-rich meal for food and feed (in collaboration Dr. Adi Jonas, Tel Hai College).
3. The health benefits and organoleptic quality of dairy products made from milk sorted out by near-IR sensor based on fatty acid composition (in collaboration with Dr. Ofir Benjamin, Tel Hai College).
4. Energy balance in beta-thalassemia patients (in collaboration with Prof Ariel Koran and Dr. Carina Levin, Ha'Emek Medical Center and Einat Kodesh, Haifa University).
5. The role of leptin ontogeny (leptin surge at neonatal age) in susceptibility to obesity.
6. The role of the endogenous circadian rhythm period-length, i.e. it deviation from the environmental light-dark cycle, in the susceptibility to obesity.
7. The particle usage of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis technique for body composition analysis in the Israeli beef and dairy cattle industries (with Mop Tzafon).

Selected Publications

Long-lived weight-reduced αMUPA mice show higher and longer maternal-dependent postnatal leptin surge

PLoS ONE 2017 Volume 12 Issue 11 Mariel Pinsky, Maayan Rauch, Atallah Abbas, Adi Sharabi-Nov, Snait Tamir, Roee Gutman Read online

Does saline water consumption affect feeding and fuel deposition rate of a staging, long-distance migrating passerine?

Journal of Avian Biology 2016 2016 Volume 47 Issue 378-385 Efrat, R., G. Shalev, R. Gutman, and N. Sapir Read online

Long-lived αMUPA mice show reduced sexual dimorphism in lifespan, and in energy and circadian homeostasis related parameters

Steckler, R, A. Shabtay-Yanai, M. Pinsky, M. Rauch, S. Tamir, and R. Gutman
Read online

Estimating Energy Expenditure in mice using an Energy Balance Technique

International Journal of Obesity 2013 Volume 37 Issue 399-403 Ravussin, Y., R. Gutman, C.A. LeDuc, and R.L. Leibel Read online

Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor α (PPARα) activation advances locomotor activity and feeding daily rhythms in mice

International Journal of Obesity 2012 Volume 36 Pages 1131-1134 Gutman, R., M. Barnea, L. Haviv, N. Chapnik, and O. Froy. Read online

Effects of Chronic Weight Perturbation on Energy Homeostasis and Brain Structure in Mice

American Journal of Physiology – Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology 2011 Volume 300 Issue 6 Ravussin, Y*, Gutman R*, S. Diano, M. Shanabrough, E. Borok, B. Sarman, A. Lehmann, C.A. LeDuc, M. Rosenbaum, T.L. Horvath, and R. L. Leibel. Read online

The effect of the lunar cycle on stress hormone levels and foraging ecology of nocturnally and diurnally active spiny mice

PLOS one 2011 Volume 6 Issue 8 Gutman, R., T. Dayan, I. Schubert, O. Levy, and N. Kronfeld-Schor. Read online

Long-lived αMUPA mice exhibit 24 h locomotor activity circadian rhythms

Experimental Gerontology 2011 Volume 46 Issue 606-609 Gutman, R., Y. Genzer N. Chapnik, R. Miskin, and O. Froy. Read online


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