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Breakthrough From Israel’s MIGAL Research Institute in Development of Corona virus (COVID-19) Vaccine

27 February, 2020
After 4 years of research funded by Israel’s Ministry of Science & Technology, MIGAL’s researchers have developed an effective vaccine against avian coronavirus Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV), to be adapted soon and create a human vaccine against COVID-19


צוות ניהול של חממת הפודטק ספארק בבעלות של תנובה וטמפו ערך השבוע פגישת עבודה ראשונה עם הנהלת מכון המחקר מיגל וחוקרי המכון

12 August, 2019
חממת ספארקס הזוכה במכרז של רשות החדשנות להקמת חממת פודטק חדשה בקריית שמונה החלה עבודתה בגליל והשבוע קיימה פגישת עבודה ראשונה עם הנהלת מכון המחקר מיגל, ועם חוקרי המכון, העוסקים במחקרים הקשורים לתחום המזון והתזונה. More

4th LIVAGE COST CA 16106 Meeting in Galilee

15 January, 2019
COST LiveAGE Conference on Ammonia & GHG Emission Reduction and Precision Livestock Husbandry.
"Towards Precision livestock husbandry and its potential to mitigate ammonia and GHG emissions"
19 February, 2019 More

חוקרי מיגל השתתפו בכנס האגודה הבינלאומית למדעי הפטריות שנערך בשנחאי, סין

28 November, 2018
הכנס הבינלאומי למדעי הפטריות, שאורגן ע"י האקדמיה למדעים של שנחאי, נערך לאחרונה בסין, בהשתתפות כ 500 מדענים מעשרות מדינות מרחבי העולם. מישראל השתתפו בכנס, המנהל המדעי של מיגל, פרופ' דן לבנון, חוקר מו"פ צפון ד"ר עופר דנאי, ופרופ' יצחק הדר מהפקולטה ברחובות, המשמש גם כחבר המועצה המדעית העליונה של מיגל, ושותף למחקרים המתבצעים בנושא הפטריות. More

Professor Pitcovski joins the European collaboration for developing vaccine adjuvants (ENOVA)

30 May, 2018
Professor Jacob Pitcovski, head of the Virology and Vaccine Development laboratory at MIGAL Galilee Research Institute has joined the European Network of Vaccine Adjuvants (ENOVA), which brings together European experts and stakeholders working in different areas of adjuvant and vaccine research and development, including both prophylactic and therapeutic applications as well as human and veterinary vaccines. More

יום המדע הישראלי 2017

5 March, 2017
יום המדע הישראלי 2017
בסימן פיתוחים ותגליות ישראליים שהשפיעו על העולם More

Dr. Ari Meerson, MIGAL researcher, shows a novel mechanism that can explain how obesity can increase the risk of colon cancer

17 November, 2016
On 16/11/2016 the Danish Diabetes Academy announced on their website: "A new article published in BMC Cancer by Dr. Ari Meerson, a Danish Diabetes Academy Visiting Professor from MIGAL Galilee Research Institute in Israel, shows a novel mechanism that can explain how obesity and overweight, which change the balance of metabolic hormones, can increase the risk of colon cancer." More

Genomic analysis of 6,000-year-old cultivated grain illuminates the domestication history of barley

27 July, 2016
An international team of researchers has succeeded for the first time in sequencing the genome of Chalcolithic barley grains. This is the oldest plant genome to be reconstructed to date. The 6,000-year-old seeds were retrieved from Yoram Cave in the southern cliff of Masada fortress in the Judean Desert in Israel, close to the Dead Sea. Genetically, the prehistoric barley is very similar to present-day barley grown in the Southern Levant, supporting the existing hypothesis of barley domestication having occurred in the Upper Jordan Valley.

Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Israel visited MIGAL on Wednesday, June 29th, 2016.

3 July, 2016
Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Israel, Mr. Lars Faaborg-Andersen, First Counsellor, Head of Trade and Economics Section, Mr. Sándor Szelekovszky and Scientific Officer Ms. Alexandra Meir visited Northern R&D's Hula Orchard Farm and MIGAL's Tel-Hai laboratories on Wednesday, June 29th, 2016. More

Dr. Dror Noy Bioenergetics and Protein Design laboratory

9 May, 2016
Aromatic ring deformation has long been postulated as a mechanism for tuning the absorption spectra of chlorophylls in their natural protein environment.
Dror Noy's lab provided the first direct demonstration of such a mechanism in the water-soluble chlorophyll binding protein (WSCP) from Brassicaceae. Their work is published in and highlighted on the cover of Angewandte Chemie International Edition (10.1002/anie.201512001).
Dr. Dror Noy Bioenergetics and Protein Design laboratory

Creating immune system ‘assassins’ to protect insulin-producing cells

6 March, 2016
Professor Wong and Professor Gideon Gross are working on a JDRF-funded project as part of a BIRAX (Britain Israel Research and Academic Exchange Partnership) research partnership. This project is one of two BIRAX grants, jointly funded by JDRF and the British Council. More

סטורס חברת פורטפוליו של מכון המחקר הישומי מיגל, והחממה הטכנולוגית טרנדליינס אגטק מקבוצת טרנדליינס, מודיעה על השלמת סבב גיוס של כמיליון דולר

1 March, 2016
בסבב ההשקעה של החברה, המפתחת חיישנים זעירים למדידת פוטנציאל המים בגזע לצורך השקיה מדייקת, השתתפו כל בעלי המניות של החברה: מכון מחקר ישומי מיגל, קבוצת טרנדליינס, ענת הלגוע סולומון וד"ר משה מירון, אליהם הצטרפו משקיעים חדשים: שלמה נחמה, גפן קפיטל והתאחדות האיכרים והחקלאים באמצעות חברת עמיר הספקה More

כנס ביורפואה החמישי

2 September, 2015
כנס "גליל ביורפואה החמישי" יתקיים ביום ד', כ"ד בתשרי תשע"ו (7 באוקטובר 2015) בקמפוס מזרח של המכללה האקדמית תל חי.

ICL Haifa (F&C) Licenses Technology for Wastewater Treatment from MIGAL Galilee Research Institute

21 July, 2015
ICL (NYSE and TASE: ICL), a global manufacturer of products that fulfill essential needs in the agriculture, processed food and engineered materials markets, today announced that its ICL Haifa subsidiary ("signed a license agreement with MIGAL Galilee Research Institute ("MIGAL") for the use of proprietary technology related to wastewater treatment. More

קול קורא להגשת תקצירים כנס ביורפואה החמישי

21 July, 2015
כנס "גליל ביורפואה החמישי" יתקיים ביום ד', כ"ד בתשרי תשע"ו (7 באוקטובר 2015) בקמפוס מזרח של המכללה האקדמית תל חי.


Mérieux NutriSciences expands into Israel with the acquisition of Milouda & Migal Laboratories

15 July, 2015
Mérieux NutriSciences
מרחיבה את פעילותה העולמית ולראשונה בתולדותיה מבססת נוכחות בישראל באמצעות רכישת מעבדות מילודע-מיגל. בעקבות כניסת הרשת למעבדות הנמצאות בקרית שמונה נפתח פתח לשיתוף פעולה עם מיגל בתחומים המשיקים לתחומי הפעילות של מיגל: חקלאות, תזונה ובריאות.

מרכז המבקרים של מכון המחקר מיגל

1 June, 2015
מרכז המבקרים של מכון המחקר מיגל - לבוא לראות ללמוד More

Migal project funded last January by BIRAX.

14 May, 2015
Migal project funded last January by BIRAX. Research title: "Genetically-modified T cells for the protection of regenerated beta cells in type 1 diabetes" by Prof. Gideon Gross of MIGAL and Tel-Hai College and Prof. Susan Wong of Cardiff University. More

Israel Science Day 2015

27 April, 2015
Coming soon! Israel Science Day May 12, 2015. More

Israel Science Day 2015 special!

27 April, 2015
Professor Rachel Amir explains some of the most amazing natural phenomena, together with Dr. Eyal Kortzbaum, and Dr. Yaron Finchi. (Source: Mako-Keshet)


Migal New Visitor Center

27 April, 2015
Get familiar with Migal researche's Labratories and visit Migal New Visitor Center

Microbiology 2015 - Health and Environment

10 March, 2015
An international conference was held in the upper Galilee at Hagoshrim resort hotel from March 29 to31. The conference, organized by Migal-Galilee Research Institute, hosted 20 guests from 9 European countries and about 50 Israeli researchers. Among the guests were researchers from leading universities including Prof. Jorg Hacker, president of the German national academy of sciences, and Dr. Rino Rappuoli, Global Head of Vaccines Research at Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics. The lectures presented the state of the art in microbiology research emphasizing research that is the focus of CEREHA - Centre of Excellence for Research on Environment, Health and Aging, an inter- and multidisciplinary centre of research excellence led by MIGAL and sponsored by the EU.
New data were presented on a new meningitis vaccine that was approved a just a few days before in the UK, a new antibiotic resistant bacterium in Germany, connections between bacterial inflammation and stomach cancer, and the disc More

Conference Invitation: Nutrition to Promote Medicine

21 October, 2014
Sunday, October 26th, 9:00-16:00 at the Kiryat Shemona Auditorium More

Beyond Nutrition: Health promoting foods

11 September, 2014
Annual conference on health promoting foods
Save the date Oct 26, 2014

Towards a Common Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Agenda

29 April, 2014
Prof Uri Marchaim received an official invitation from the European Commission, DG Research & Innovation, Southern Neighbourhood - Middle East for the Euro-Mediterranean innovation workshop, to present a case study on innovation action in the Galilee. More

A special symposium in memory of Zvika Rubinstein

26 March, 2014
A special symposium in memory of Zvika Rubinstein, the former CEO of MIGAL (2009-2013), will be held on May 11th, 2014 in Kibbutz HaGoshrim. More

MIXiii - Biomed Israel Innovation conference

26 March, 2014 MIXiii - Biomed Israel Innovation conference
Meet us at the ITTN Pavilion at 'MIXiii - Biomed Israel Innovation conference' that will take place at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds May 20-22, 2014. More

MIGALs’ 10th research symposium

18 February, 2014
MIGALs’ 10th research symposium in Memory of Yaakov Arzi was held on February 5th at kibbutz Hagoshrim. More

European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST)

12 February, 2014
One of MIGALs' senior reserchers was chosen to represent Israel in the organizing committee of the intergovernmental framework for European Cooperation in Science and Technology. More

The 8th annual international partnering conference Bio Europe Spring 2014

12 February, 2014
Dr. Orna Harel will be representing MIGAL at the 8th annual international partnering conference Bio Europe Spring 2014 to be held on March 10-12thl in Turin, Italy.


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