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MIGAL – Galilee Research Institute is an applied research organization specializing in the fields of biotechnology, environmental and agriculture sciences. MIGAL was established in 1979 in the city of Kiryat Shmona to create a scientific research core facility and knowledge-based economic generator at Israel's northern periphery. MIGAL's mission is to maintain and expand its innovative scientific research activities, and extend the economic and societal benefits of those activities throughout the Galilee. MIGAL is highly unique, serving not only as a center of scientific excellence, but also a hub of outreach to industry, agriculture and education for Israel’s northern periphery.

פטריות הכמהין בגליל

כתבתו של גיא ורון על פטריות הכמהין שפותחו במו"פ צפון- מיגל, שודרה בחדשות ערוץ 2
14 May, 2015 Migal project funded last January by BIRAX.
Migal project funded last January by BIRAX. Research title: "Genetically-modified T cells for the protection of regenerated beta cells in type 1 diabetes" by Prof. Gideon Gross of MIGAL and Tel-Hai College and Prof. Susan Wong of Cardiff University.
27 April, 2015 Israel Science Day 2015
Coming soon! Israel Science Day May 12, 2015.
27 April, 2015 Israel Science Day 2015 special!
Professor Rachel Amir explains some of the most amazing natural phenomena, together with Dr. Eyal Kortzbaum, and Dr. Yaron Finchi. (Source: Mako-Keshet)

27 April, 2015 Migal New Visitor Center
Get familiar with Migal researche's Labratories and visit Migal New Visitor Center
10 March, 2015 Microbiology 2015 - Health and Environment
An international conference was held in the upper Galilee at Hagoshrim resort hotel from March 29 to31. The conference, organized by Migal-Galilee Research Institute, hosted 20 guests from 9 European countries and about 50 Israeli researchers. Among the guests were researchers from leading universities including Prof. Jorg Hacker, president of the German national academy of sciences, and Dr. Rino Rappuoli, Global Head of Vaccines Research at Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics. The lectures presented the state of the art in microbiology research emphasizing research that is the focus of CEREHA - Centre of Excellence for Research on Environment, Health and Aging, an inter- and multidisciplinary centre of research excellence led by MIGAL and sponsored by the EU.
New data were presented on a new meningitis vaccine that was approved a just a few days before in the UK, a new antibiotic resistant bacterium in Germany, connections between bacterial inflammation and stomach cancer, and the disc
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