The Center for Postharvest Innovation

The Center for Postharvest Innovation

MIGAL’s Center for Postharvest innovation research studies and develops methods for extending the shelf life of agricultural produce, improving their storage conditions, optimizing value chains, reducing depreciation and losses. It does so while ensuring the optimal quality and nutrition value of the crops is maintained. 

The Center, operates as an external unit of MIGAL and focuses on a wide range of crops including fruits, vegetables and ornamentals among others. 

With over 50 years of experience in this field, the Center for Postharvest Innovation, is engaged in domains including: basic and applied research, R&D and project execution for industry companies, analysis and detection services, as well as counseling and consulting for postharvest and foodtech companies.

The center’s lab is equipped with a variety of updated tools for research and development covering the entire value chain. It also includes advanced tools for analysis and detection for produce freshness such as fully controlled storage units that mimic commercial storage conditions. As an industry-oriented lab, it studies ripening parameters and physiological stages for the best storage and marketing; adapting storage conditions to different types of agricultural produce; managing produce decay with environmentally-friendly chemical, physical or biological means; developing protocols for handling agricultural produce from harvest to the consumer for both domestic and export markets. 

Our postharvest research has developed valuable tools such as:

  • DynaFreshTM - A method to diagnose the ripening status of fruit and determine their optimal storage conditions and duration.
  • BruiseGuardTM - A method to prevent depreciation resulting from transport.

The center is also using a computed methods to develop a tailor-made solutions for clients, for example, an artificial intelligence based protocol to extend cucumber storage and shelf life.

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