Business & Collaborations

As aligned with its strategic vision, MIGAL invests considerable effort and activity in its connections with entrepreneurs in agriculture and the food industry. 

The institute engages in close contact with farmers, entrepreneurs, industrialists, and relevant regional organizations to implement the knowledge, technologies, infrastructure and tools developed at MIGAL. Such contact is maintained on regional, national and international levels.

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MIGAL has several ways of delivering knowledge to the industry. In light of recent efforts by the Israeli government to strengthen the Galilee region and establish the Agri-Food Tech Valley in it,  the institute develops the necessary infrastructure and tools for injecting knowledge and scientific access to the region. 

Food Institutes, accelerators, and technological incubators are examples of such infrastructure, and have already enabled the launch of knowledge-based ventures created by MIGAL.

Business & Collaboration

Collaborating with researchers from leading academic institutions across the globe is a fundamental policy of MIGAL. Explore some of our projects >>
MIGAL makes its labs and advanced equipment available for external bodies who fund and support the institute’s projects and research aligned with their interests.
Galilee Bio Applications Ltd is the technology transfer arm of MIGAL. Galileo controls MIGAL’s intellectual assets and provides corporate frameworks to develop and advance scientific applications via subsidiaries, strategic partnerships, concessions and licensing agreements.
Access to MIGAL’s labs is flexible and available to life science and biotech startups on a shared space basis, with Turnkey labs and a coworking space designed for the specific needs of the industry. It includes access to shared lab equipment, all included with a fee based on the duration of use. Our shared laboratory equipment includes, but is not limited to: Flow cytometry systems, Plate readers, QT PCR machines, Microscopes, HPLC, Pure water systems, Western Blot transfer devices, Tissue culture suites, Standard cold storage, This among other miscellaneous pieces.
MIGAL offers a wide range of professional services for companies, researchers and academic institutes.  Among them, laboratory services, design and execution of sponsored trials and research are offered as a service, based on available resources.  Because of MIGAL's unique and immediate contact with farmers in the field through North R&D and the Center for Postharvest Innovation, MIGAL can cover most of the development stages’ needs in the Agriculture and Food tech industries. Professional Services Form >>
MIGAL offers services based on the abilities and knowledge of its researchers and management. Counseling services are usually a preliminary step in establishing trust and familiarity with a company, This is the basis for a deeper relationship and extensive collaboration between researchers and the company. Consulting Services Form >>
Spread across 12 regional and local agricultural councils, the division is responsible for initiating, outlining, coordinating and conducting agricultural research and development in the region. It is also the largest regional R&D center in the periphery.
The Center, operates as an external unit of MIGAL, studies and develops methods for extending the shelf life of agricultural produce, improving their storage conditions, optimizing value chains, reducing depreciation and losses. It does so while ensuring the optimal quality and nutrition value of the crops is maintained.