Dr. Amos Naor
Decision Support System for Controlling Irrigation
Dr. Andrea Szuchman-Sapir
Vascular Signaling Research
Dr. Ari Meerson
MicroRNAs and the Mechanisms of Diseases
Dr. Assaf Chen
Remote Sensing by Satellites for Crops and Orchards
Dr. Dan Gamrasni
Post Harvest Research and Development
Dr. Dorit Avni
Inflammatory Animal Models
Dr. Dror Noy
Bioenergy and Protein Design
Dr. Itai Opatovsky
Insects as Food and Feed
Dr. Itai Sharon
Microbiome Bioinformatics
Dr. Itamar Yadid
Microbial Metabolic Pathways
Dr. Karen Jackson
Zebrafish as a Model for Bioactive Discoveries
Dr. Livnat Afriat-Jurnou
Directed Evolution of Enzymes
Dr. Moshe Gophen
Lake Kinneret & Agmon-Hula Research
Dr. Moshe Meron
Plants Ecology and Remote Sensing by Drones
Dr. Oded Liran
Remote Sensing of Plant Physiology
Dr. Ofer Danay
Edible Mushrooms and Truffles Group
Dr. Ofir Degani
Phytopathology, Biological Control
Dr. Paula Adriana Pitashny
Medicinal Cannabis
Dr. Roee Gutman
Integrative Physiology
Dr. Sariel Hübner
Plant Quantitative and Population Genomics
Dr. Yehoram (Yori) Leshem
Plant Development and Adaptation Laboratory
MSc Itai Bloch
Computational Chemistry
 Prof. (Emeritus) Dan Levanon
Agricultural Biotechnology of Fungi
Prof. (Emeritus) Gad Degani
Water and Agricultural Biotechnology
Prof. Gideon Gross
Immunology Laboratory
Prof. Giora Rytwo
Environmental Physical Chemistry Laboratory
Prof. Jacob Pitcovski
Virology and Poultry Vaccination
Dr. Jamal Mahajna
Plant-based Cancer Drug Discovery
Prof. Martin Goldway
Molecular Genetics in Agriculture Laboratory
Prof. Michael (Iggy) Litaor
Hydrogeology and Examination of Soil Fertility
Prof. Ofer Shir
Computational Intelligence
Prof. Rachel Amir
Plant Metabolism Laboratory
Prof. Segula Masaphy
Applied Mycology
Prof. Snait Tamir
Nutrition and Human Health
Prof. Soliman Khatib
Natural Products and Analytical Chemistry
Prof. Uri Marchaim
Soil Water and Environment – Biotic Stress in Plants