Dr. Ari Meerson

Dr. Ari Meerson
Principal Investigator
MicroRNAs and the Mechanisms of Diseases
Research interests:

We study the molecular basis of chronic diseases, focusing on the function of microRNAs, short RNA molecules that regulate gene expression and are involved in a variety of biological pathways. MicroRNAs may act as a functional link between different chronic diseases, and hold promise as potential biomarkers and therapeutic targets. Specifically, we are interested in:

1.    MicroRNAs as a mechanistic link between metabolic disease and cancer

2.    Discovery of microRNA-based biomarkers in body fluids

microRNA; RNA; obesity; diabetes; cancer; gene expression

We study the molecular basis of chronic diseases, focusing on the function of microRNAs.



Ph.D. 2009, Department of Biological Chemistry Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.
M.Sc. 2004, Department of Molecular Cell Biology, Feinberg Graduate School of the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel.

Academic and research positions

2013-present, Head of Molecular Biology of Chronic Diseases laboratory, Migal
2017-present, Tel Chai Academic College, Kiryat Shmona. Developmental Genetics course (plan) 
2015-present, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Visiting Researcher 
2009-2013, Postdoctoral Fellow at NIH/NIDDK (Phoenix), Arizona, USA

Honors and awards

2015-2017, Type 2 diabetes research grant, D-Cure/CSO-MOH
2013-2015, Gesher Award, Israel Cancer Research Fund/MOST
2015, Visiting Professorship, Danish Diabetes Academy (Novo Nordisk Foundation)
2014, Travel Award, The Daniel Turnberg UK/Middle East Travel Fellowship Scheme
2013, Travel Award, Copenhagen Bioscience Conferences (Novo Nordisk Foundation)
2011, NIDDK Nancy Nossal Fellowship Award (intramural grant competition)

Scientific Publications

Leptin-Responsive MiR-4443 Is a Small Regulatory RNA Independent of the Canonic MicroRNA Biogenesis Pathway

Ari Meerson

MicroRNA-423 may regulate diabetic vasculopathy.

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Clin Exp Med 2019 Pages 1-9

Obesity impacts the regulation of miR-10b and its targets in primary breast tumors.

Meerson A, Eliraz Y, Yehuda H, Knight B, Crundwell M, Ferguson D, Lee BP, Harries LW.
BMC Cancer 2019 Volume 19 Issue 86

Serum miR-122 levels correlate with diabetic retinopathy and high cardiovascular mortality rate.

Pastukh N, Meerson A, Kalish D, Jabaly H, Blum A.
Clinical and Experimental Medicine 2019 Volume Online ISSN 1591-9528 Pages 1-6

Sex differences in plasma microRNA biomarkers of early and complicated diabetes mellitus in Israeli Arab and Jewish patients.

Meerson A, Najjar A, Saad E, Sbeit W, Barhoum M, Assy N.
Non-coding RNA 2019 Volume 5 Issue 2 Pages 32