Shlomit Dor

Lab Manager
Research Group Member
Lab manager

Holds MSc degree in microbiology, specifically fungal plant pathogens. Studying fungal and microbial interactions, and their involvment in plant diseases

Scientific Publications

Interactions between Magnaporthiopsis maydis and Macrophomina phaseolina, the Causes of Wilt Diseases in Maize and Cotton

Degani Ofir, Dor Shlomit, Abraham Dekel and Cohen, Roni.
Microorganisms (2020), 8, 249.

Molecular tracking and remote sensing to evaluate new chemical treatments against the maize late wilt disease causal agent, Magnaporthiopsis maydis

Degani Ofir, Dor Shlomit, Chen Assaf, Orlov-Levin Valerie, Stolov-Yosef Avital, Regev Danielle and Rabinovitz Onn
Journal of Fungi (2020), 6, 54.

Soil bioassay for detecting Magnaporthiopsis maydis infestation using a hyper susceptible maize hybrid

Degani Ofir, Regev Danielle, Dor Shlomit and Rabinovitz Onn
Journal of Fungi (2020), 6, 107.

Evaluating Azoxystrobin seed coating against maize late wilt disease using a sensitive qPCR-based method.

Degani O., Movshowitz D., Dor S., Meerson A., Goldblat Y., and Rabinovitz O.
Plant Disease 2019 Volume 103 Issue 2 Pages 238-248

Methods for Studying Magnaporthiopsis maydis, the Maize Late Wilt Causal Agent.

Degani O., Dor S., Movshovitz D. and Rabinovitz O.,
Agronomy 2019 Volume 9 Issue 4 Pages 181

Uncovering the host range for maize pathogen Magnaporthiopsis maydis

Dor S. and Degani O.,
Plants 2019 Volume 8 Issue 8 Pages 259

Effective chemical protection against the maize late wilt causal agent, Harpophora maydis, in the field.

Degani O., Dor S., Movshowitz D., Fraidman E., Rabinowitz O. and Graph S.,
PloS ONE 2018 Volume 13 Issue 12 Pages e0208353