International Projects


LEarning and action alliances for NexuS Environments in an uncertain future (LENSES)LEarning and action alliances for NexuS Environments in an uncertain future (LENSES)
LivestockSense - Enhancing environmental sustainability of livestock farms by removing barriers for adopting ICT technologies
SOILdarity - Stepping up and bringing out the scientific excellence and innovation capacity in soil research of the University of Lisbon.
The STARGATE project aspires to develop a breakthrough, multiscale and holistic climate-smart agriculture methodology, capitalizing innovations in the field of microclimate and weather risk management, as well as in the field of landscape design.
SCOW (Selective Collection of the Organic Waste in tourist areas and valorisation in farm composting plants), is a 3-year European project (2013-2015) funded by the ENPI CBCMED.
European Researchers’ Nights in MIGAL has taken place since 2007, highlighting the impact of research on our daily lives.
The R&I PEERS project aims to create and validate pilot experiences that disrupt gender-biased approaches and unconscious rules which limit participation by and careers for women in Research and Innovation.
PoliRural has a simple, if ambitious, objective - to make rural places and professions more attractive for established rural populations and recent or potential newcomers.
An Artificial Water-Soluble Photosystem by Protein Design - ERC-2013-CoG. The process of photosynthesis enables the conversion of light energy into chemical energy, and is responsible for the energy sources that we all rely on in our daily lives.
The main goal of this Horizon 2020 project is to support the spreading of best practices and innovation in the provision (production, pre-processing) of biomass for the Bio-Based Industry.
The European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) is a funding organisation for the creation of research networks, called COST Actions.
CEREHA - Center of Excellence for Research on Environment, Health and Aging structured as an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary center led by MIGAL. The main objective of CEREHA is initiating and performing excellent interrelated studies in environment, health and aging.
BRIGAID is a 4-year project (2016-2020) under EU Horizon 2020 aimed to effectively bridge the gap between innovators and end-users in resilience to floods, droughts and extreme weather.