Project Active

Project Active


Contact the coordinator: Prof. Uri Marchaim, uri@migal.org.il

CEREHA - Center of Excellence for Research on Environment, Health and Aging structured as an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary center led by MIGAL. The main objective of CEREHA is initiating and performing excellent interrelated studies in environment, health and aging.

The project constitutes a continuation and advancement of activities initiated in FP6's RIS project GALEDGE (Regional Innovation Strategy) at MIGAL (project No. 014648) in collaboration with the Galilee Development Authority. MIGAL is a multidisciplinary Regional R&D Institute located in north Eastern-Galilee. 
Aging is a crucial challenge for our society. With the fast advances in medicine, the average age expectancy increases fast. However, this important scientific achievement has costs – aging involves a variety of physical and mental issues that influence society. Aging involves neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, and the age-related weakening of the immune system that result in susceptibility to frailty syndrome. These aspects of aging are tightly affected by the environment in a multifaceted manner.

Currently MIGAL consists of a large number of experts in various fields of research collaborating in one space with no boundaries among individual labs, enhancing collaboration within our facility, with partnering organizations in the EU and in other regions in the world, across the nation and global.
We collaborate with local hospitals (Ziv, Naharia and Poria) as well as with national and regional authorities, thus resulting in a privileged position to carry out research or clinical tests and other complementary activities in real life or near to real life conditions.