Dr. Moshe Meron

Dr. Moshe Meron
Principal Investigator
Plants Ecology and Remote Sensing by Drones

My research is involved in plant-soil-water relations research for efficient use of water and optimization of returns. Our research provides direct support to farming operations in the Galilee. The leading concept is to employ industrial strength process control means to monitor and quantify production processes in the orchard and the field. The research employs variety of sensors in the soil, the air and on the plants, thermal remote sensing of water stress in crops, aerial photogrammetry of tree canopies. One of the principal aims is Precision Horticulture, where the inputs: water and agrochemicals, are adjusted to the needs of every tree in the orchard. A GIS based orchard management module was developed for this purpose. Other projects include hydrological monitoring the drained Hula Lake soils and agricultural use of the Shamir geothermal wells water. The Laboratory initiated, developed and operates the Upper Galilee Environmental Meteorology Service, providing irrigation scheduling info to the Galilee farmers since 1989.

Scientific Publications

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Evaluation of different approaches for estimating and mapping crop water status in cotton with thermal imaging

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