Prof. Michael (Iggy) Litaor

Prof. Michael (Iggy) Litaor
Research Group Leader

The main research activities in the hydro-geochemistry lab are: (1) The design, testing and implementation of constructed wetland for the treatment of organic-rich effluents such as wineries & olive mill wastewaters. We developed a new design of mobile vertical-flow constructed wetland to reduce COD, N & P concentrations to levels allowed for reuse as irrigation waters; (2) Factors and processes of salinity in altered wetland soils. This study involves a detailed characterization of water flow and salinity dynamics in the altered wetland soils, Hula Valley Israel; (3) Assessment of the current fertilization practices in the altered wetland soils and their impact on soil quality and waterways. The focus of the study is the construction of 3D stochastic simulation model that would allow making uncertainty analysis for precision farming; (4) Phosphorus capture, recycling and utilization for sustainable agriculture and a clean environment using water treatment residuals (WTR). This work deals with sustainable agricultural techniques while conserving P fertilization, capturing P leachates from soils to waterways and recycling alum waste, (5) The Impact of ornithogenic inputs on phosphorous transport from altered wetland soils to waterways in East Mediterranean ecosystem. This study evaluate the impact of > 45,000 wintering Eurasian Grus on the Agmon Hula ecosystem, and (6) assessment of the impact of treated OMW used as irrigation water on soils and plants. In this study we will use proximal soil survey techniques and various soil analyses to determine the potential harmful effects of treated OMW on the pedosphere.


Ph.D., 1986 University of Colorado, Boulder CO, USA, In geochemistry

Academic and research positions

2010 - present, MIGAL, Head of the Hydrogeochemistry Lab.
2008–Present, Professor in Tel Hai College.
1996–2008, Associate Professor in Tel Hai College, Upper Galilee, Israel.
1986–1990 Postdoctoral fellow, Institute of Arctic & Alpine Research University of Colorado, Boulder.
1995–1996 Adjunct Prof., University of Colorado, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
1990–1995 Senior soil scientist, EG&G working in Rocky Flats Plant (RFP) on the fate and transport of radionuclides (Pu, Am & U) in soils.


Scientific Publications

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