Prof. (Emeritus) Dan Levanon

 Prof. (Emeritus) Dan Levanon
Scientific Director
Principal Investigator
Agricultural Biotechnology of Fungi
Edible mushrooms; Medicinal mushrooms; Compost; Mushrooms ingredients; Exotic mushrooms

The mushroom research group at MIGAL is the only unit in Israel, that deals with applied research and development of mushroom cultivation and mushroom products. Research responsibilities include the initiation of research, according to the needs of mushroom growers in Israel. Although the research is mainly applied (for the benefit of mushroom growers), our studies have made significant contributions too. They include: The establishment of chemical, physical and biological parameters for the quality control of mushroom compost production and utilization. Recycling agricultural wastes for the use as casing soils in mushroom production. Recycling spent mushroom substrates. Enhancement of postharvest quality of edible mushrooms. Development of drip irrigation for mushrooms. Cultivation of exotic and medicinal mushrooms. Composting of organic wastes including agricultural and municipal wastes.

Scientific Publications

From Theory to Practice - Success in Implementing Drip Irrigation in Commercial Mushroom ( A. bisporus ) Cultivation

Ofer Danay, Paul Van den Berg , Dov Raz, Yoram Engel, Eran Kobi, Ilana Barski , Dan Levanon
Mushroom News 2017 Volume 65 Issue 3 Pages 4-7

Development of Suitable Irrigation Regime for a Summer Truffle (Tuber aestivum) Orchard in Israel.

Ofer Danay, Nirit Evov, Yoram Luzzati, Dan Levanon
In 19th ISMS-conference ,2016, Baars & Sonnenberg Ed. ,ISMS Amsterdam. The Netherlands, Pages 403-406.

Drip Irrigation in Mushroom Cultivation should be aligned with Common Practice.

Dov Raz, Ofer Danay, Paul Van den Berg, Yoram Engel, Eran Kobi, Ilana Barski, Pieter Van Der Meij and Dan Levanon
In 19th ISMS-conference ,2016, Baars & Sonnenberg Ed. ,ISMS Amsterdam The Netherlands, Pages 31-34

Extracts from Lentinula edodes (Shiitake), edible mushrooms, enriched with vitamin D2 exert an anti-inflammatory hepato-protective effect.

Drori, A., Shabat, Y., Ben Ya'acov, A., Danay, O., Levanon, D., Zolotarov, L. and Ilan, Y.
Journal of Medicinal Food 2016 Volume 19 Issue 4 Pages 1-7

Extracts of Vitamin D2 Enriched Lentinula edodes (Shiitake) mushrooms exert an Anti-Inflammatory Hepato-Protective Effect.

Dan Levanon, Sharon Avni, Yaron Ilan, Ariel Drori, Ami Ben Yaakov , Ofer Danay
In 19th ISMS-conference ,2016, Baars & Sonnenberg Ed. ,ISMS Amsterdam The Netherlands, Pages 237-240.