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Academic Research, Higher Education, and Peripheral Development: The Case of Israel

prof. Gad Degani, Prof. Dan Levanon and PhD Gregory Yom Din

From Theory to Practice - Success in Implementing Drip Irrigation in Commercial Mushroom ( A. bisporus ) Cultivation

Ofer Danay, Paul Van den Berg , Dov Raz, Yoram Engel, Eran Kobi, Ilana Barski , Dan Levanon
Mushroom News 2017 Volume 65 Issue 3 Pages 4-7

Drip Irrigation in Mushroom Cultivation should be aligned with Common Practice.

Dov Raz, Ofer Danay, Paul Van den Berg, Yoram Engel, Eran Kobi, Ilana Barski, Pieter Van Der Meij and Dan Levanon
In 19th ISMS-conference ,2016, Baars & Sonnenberg Ed. ,ISMS Amsterdam The Netherlands, Pages 31-34

Extracts from Lentinula edodes (Shiitake), edible mushrooms, enriched with vitamin D2 exert an anti-inflammatory hepato-protective effect.

Drori, A., Shabat, Y., Ben Ya'acov, A., Danay, O., Levanon, D., Zolotarov, L. and Ilan, Y.
Journal of Medicinal Food 2016 Volume 19 Issue 4 Pages 1-7