Agricultural Biotechnology of Fungi

Prof. (Emeritus) Dan Levanon

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Academic Research, Higher Education, and Peripheral Development: The Case of Israel

prof. Gad Degani, Prof. Dan Levanon and PhD Gregory Yom Din

From Theory to Practice - Success in Implementing Drip Irrigation in Commercial Mushroom ( A. bisporus ) Cultivation

Ofer Danay, Paul Van den Berg , Dov Raz, Yoram Engel, Eran Kobi, Ilana Barski , Dan Levanon
Mushroom News 2017 Volume 65 Issue 3 Pages 4-7

Extracts from Lentinula edodes (Shiitake), edible mushrooms, enriched with vitamin D2 exert an anti-inflammatory hepato-protective effect.

Drori, A., Shabat, Y., Ben Ya'acov, A., Danay, O., Levanon, D., Zolotarov, L. and Ilan, Y.
Journal of Medicinal Food 2016 Volume 19 Issue 4 Pages 1-7

Extracts of Vitamin D2 Enriched Lentinula edodes (Shiitake) mushrooms exert an Anti-Inflammatory Hepato-Protective Effect.

Dan Levanon, Sharon Avni, Yaron Ilan, Ariel Drori, Ami Ben Yaakov , Ofer Danay
In 19th ISMS-conference ,2016, Baars & Sonnenberg Ed. ,ISMS Amsterdam The Netherlands, Pages 237-240.