Prof. Sariel Hübner

Prof. Sariel Hübner
Research Group Leader

My research focuses on the genetic mechanisms that regulate adaptation mainly in plants. Most of my research is dedicated to crop wild relatives including barley, sunflower, grapes and wheat. In my research I integrate experimental ecology and agricultural practices with high-throughput genomics and bioinformatics to study the formation of new varieties, domestication and plant-environment interactions.



2016 Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia.

2013 PhD, 2013, University of Haifa.

2009 MSc, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Academic Positions    

2023 Associate Professor, Tel Hai Academic College

2023 Head, Department of Bioinformatics, Tel Hai Academic College

2022 Scientific Director, Genomics and Bioinformatics Center, Galilee Research Institute (MIGAL)

2020 Head, BioData program, Department of Biotechnology, Tel-Hai Academic College

2018 Research Associate, University of Haifa

2017 Senior Lecturer, Tel Hai Academic College

2016 Honorary Research Associate, University of British Columbia


Awards and Fellowships    

2022 Most cited research, Tel-Hai Academic College.

2018-21: Excellent Lecturer Award, Tel-Hai Academic College.

2013-4 Post-Doctoral Award, University of Haifa

2012 Wolf Scholarship, Wolf Foundation

2012 Wise Fellowship. Tel Aviv University

2010 Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) Scholarship Program

2009 COST Fund. European Union

2009 The R.H. Smith Award for Excellence in Agriculture.

Scientific Publications

Genomic Dissection of Productivity, Lodging and Morpho-Physiological Traits in Eragrostis tef under Contrasting Water Availabilities

Alemu M.D., Ben-Zeev S., Hellwig T., Barak V., Shoshani G., Chen A., Razzon S., Hermann I., Vorobyova S., Hübner S., Saranga Y.
Plants Planet People

Genetic Architecture of Rust Resistance in a Wheat (Triticum turgidum) Diversity Panel

Klymiuk V., Haile T., Ens J., Wiebe K., N'Diaye A., Fatiukha A., Krugman T., Ben-David R., Hübner S., Cloutier S., Pozniak C.J.
Frontiers in Plant Science

Wild Grapevine (Vitis vinifera L. subsp. sylvestris), a Novel Species to the Israeli Flora

Rahimi O., Berger J.Z., Shtein I., Kher M.M., Frumin S., Hübner S., Weiss E., Drori E.

The Global Grapevine Cohort Reveals the Dual Origin and Stepwise Diversification in Neolithic Western Eurasia

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A Numerical Model Supports the Evolutionary Advantage of Recombination Plasticity in Shifting Environments

Rybnikov S., Hübner S., Korol A.B.
American Naturalist

Modeling the Evolution of Recombination Plasticity: A Prospective Review

Rybnikov S., Frenkel Z., Hübner S., Weissman D., Korol A.B.

The Genomics of Linkage Drag in Inbred Lines of Sunflower

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Proceedings National Academy of Science USA

GWANN: Implementing Deep Learning in Genome Wide Association Studies

Ashkenazy N., Feder M., Shir O.M., Hübner S.

Are We There Yet? Driving the Road to Evolutionary Pan-Genomics

Hübner S.
Current Opinion in Plant Biology

Evolutionary Conservation and Transcriptome Analyses Attribute Perenniality and Flowering to Day-Length Responsive Genes in Bulbous Barley (Hordeum bulbosum)

Fuerst D., Shermeister B., Mandel T., Hübner S.
Genome Biology and Evolution

Emmer Wheat Eco-Geographic and Genomic Congruence Shapes Phenotypic Performance Under Mediterranean Climate

Fadida-Myers A., Fuerst D., Tzuberi A., Yadav S., Nashef K., Roychowdhury R., Paola Sansaloni C., Hübner S., Ben-David R.

Wild Sunflower Goes Viral: Citizen Science and Comparative Genomics Allow Tracking the Origin and Establishment of Invasive Sunflower in the Levant

Hübner S., Sisou D., Tali M., Todesco M., Matzrafi M., Eizenberg H.
Molecular Ecology

Tapping Diversity from the Wild: Sampling, Characterizing and Implementing

Hübner S. and Kantar M.
Frontiers in Plant Science

Genomic Evidences Support an Independent History of Grapevine Domestication in the Levant

Sivan A, Rahimi O, Salmon-Divon M, Weiss E, Drori E, Hübner S.
Plants People Planet

Fitness Dependence as an Evolutionary Rescue for Recombination Across Diverse Mating Systems

Rybnikov S., Weissman D., Hübner S., Korol A.B.
Journal of Theoretical Biology

Biological and Transcriptomic Characterization of Pre-haustorial Resistance to Sunflower Broomrape (Orobanche Cumana W.) in Sunflower (Helianthus annuus)

Sisou D., Tadmor Y., Plakhine D., Ziadna H., Hübner S., Eizenberg E.

Image Processing and Genome-Wide Association Studies in Sunflower Identify Loci Associated with Seed-Coat Characteristics

Hasson H., Dudhe M.Y., Mandel T., Warschefsky E., Rieseberg L.H., Hübner S.

Multivariate Analysis of Wild Grapevine Populations Reveal the Factors Constraining the Species Distribution

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Ecology and Evolution

On the Origin of Photoperiod Non-Responsive Barley

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Genome-Wide Association Mapping in Sunflower Identifies Loci Associated with Flooding Resistance That Lack Antagonistic Effects on Performance

Gao L., Lee J.S., Hübner S., Qu Y., Rieseberg L.H.
New Phytologist

The Cultivated Sunflower Pan-Genome Provides Insights on the Contribution of Introgression to the Breeding of Modern Varieties

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Nature Plants

Genomic Sequence and Copy-Number Evolution During Hybrid Crop Development in Sunflowers

Owens G.L., Baute G.J, Hübner S., Rieseberg L.H.
Evolutionary Applications

Neo-Domestication of an Interspecific Tetraploid Helianthus annuus × Helianthus tuberosus Population That Segregates for Perennial Habit

Kantar M., Hübner S., Herman A., Bock D., Baute G., Betts K., Ott M., Brandvain Y., Wyse D., Stupar R.M., Rieseberg L.H.

The Sunflower Genome Provides Insights Into Oil Metabolism, Flowering and Asterid Evolution

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What We Still Don’t Know About Invasion Genetics

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