Plant Evolutionary Genomics

Prof. Sariel Hübner

We integrate experimental ecology, high-throughput genomics and bioinformatics to study the genetics of adaptation, speciation and domestication in crop plants and their wild relatives. Much of our work focuses on identifying the genetic changes that underlie the formation of new varieties and species, and more generally, the genotype-phenotype-environment interaction.



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Principal Researcher

Latest Publications

Genomic Dissection of Productivity, Lodging and Morpho-Physiological Traits in Eragrostis tef under Contrasting Water Availabilities

Alemu M.D., Ben-Zeev S., Hellwig T., Barak V., Shoshani G., Chen A., Razzon S., Hermann I., Vorobyova S., Hübner S., Saranga Y.
Plants Planet People

Wild Grapevine (Vitis vinifera L. subsp. sylvestris), a Novel Species to the Israeli Flora

Rahimi O., Berger J.Z., Shtein I., Kher M.M., Frumin S., Hübner S., Weiss E., Drori E.

Genetic Architecture of Rust Resistance in a Wheat (Triticum turgidum) Diversity Panel

Klymiuk V., Haile T., Ens J., Wiebe K., N'Diaye A., Fatiukha A., Krugman T., Ben-David R., Hübner S., Cloutier S., Pozniak C.J.
Frontiers in Plant Science

A Numerical Model Supports the Evolutionary Advantage of Recombination Plasticity in Shifting Environments

Rybnikov S., Hübner S., Korol A.B.
American Naturalist