Lake Kinneret & Agmon-Hula Research

Dr. Moshe Gophen

Principal Researcher

Latest Publications

Climate and Water Balance Changes in the Kinneret Watershed: A Review


Identification of the Fishes in the Mosaic Floor of the Multiplication Church, Tabgha, Lake Kinneret, (Sea of Galilee), Israel.

Gophen, M. and O. Lernau,
Revue Biblique, (in press) 2018

Reforming Provisional (2007-2008) Sarotherodon galilaeus Landing Decline in Lake Kinneret (Isreal)

Gophen, M.
Open Journal Of Modern Hydrology 2018 Volume 8 Pages 13-27

Climate Change and Water Loss in the Kinneret Drainage Basin.

Gophen, M.
Land Use Policy 2018 2018 Pages 242-249