Dr. Moshe Gophen

Dr. Moshe Gophen
Research Group Leader


1960-63 - Preparation of B.Sc. Zoology, Botany, Chemistry. Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
1963-66 - Preparation of M.Sc. Botany. Thesis Title: "Skin Separation in Barhi Dates". Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
1971-76 - Preparation of Ph.D. Zoology-Invertebrates, Marine Biology and Limnology. Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
1971 - Started my doctoral thesis conducted in the framework of, and in complement to my work at the Yigal Allon Kinneret Limnological Laboratory (IOLR).Thesis Title: "The Ecological Conditions that Influence the Reproduction and Development of Mesocyclops leuckarti (Claus) and its Role in the Food-Chain in Lake Kinneret".
1976 - PhD. Thesis submitted February 1976, approved by the Faculty of Science and The Senate of the Hebrew University, November 1976, and Ph.D. degree awarded on 26 December 1976.

Academic and research positions

1968- 2001 - Research scientist, zooplankton and fish, in the Yigal Allon Kinneret Limnological Laboratory, Israel
Oceanographic and Limnological Research Ltd. (IOLR).
1972-73 - Lecturer in Biology at the Pre-Academic School of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
1973-78 - Lecturer in Hydrobiology at the Haifa University (Oranim), Department of Biology.
1980-83 - Israeli Project Leader, Dutch-Israeli Catfish (Clarias lazera) Project, with Eng. R.Viveen, Prof. P. Van-Oordt and Dr. K.Richter (The Netherlands)
1980-83 - Israeli Principal Investigator of the Egypt-USA-Israel AID Project-Lake Management, with Dr. Dowidar (Alexandria, Egypt), Dr. R. W. Drenner and Dr. G. L. Vinyard (USA)
1980-86 - Director of the Yigal Allon Kinneret Limnological Laboratory.
1981-83 - Member of the Committee for Kinneret Watershed Management Policy (Water Commission).
1981-86 - Member of the Scientific Committee of Lake Kinneret (Water Commission).
1982 – (Jan-Mar) - Research visit of Dr. M. Seaman, Orange Free State University, Bloemfontein, South Africa, with Dr. Gophen on Bacteria Uptake by the Rotifer B. calyciflorus.
1982 - Member of the Committee of Upper Jordan Diversion (Water Commission).
1983 (May-Jul.) - Research visit of Prof. M.N. Bruton, Grahamstown, South Africa, with Dr. Gophen on Ecology of Fish Reproduction in the Beteicha Area, Northeast of Lake Kinneret.
1983 - Member of Steering Committee of Yarmuch Management (Water Commission).
1983 - Member of the Organizing Committee of the International Conference on Tilipia in Aquaculture.
1983-84 - Member of the Kinneret Fishery Management Committee (Agriculture Ministry).
1983-86 - Member of the Hula Committee (Agriculture Ministry).
1984-85 - Sabbatical leave of Dr. P. Spataru with Dr. Gophen, Studying Food Compositions of Lake Kinneret Fishes.
1985-87 - Principal Investigator, American NSF Research Project: Selective planktivory by the Galilee St. Peter's Fish and its impact on the plankton community of Lake Kinneret, with Dr. R.W. Drenner and G.L. Vinyard (USA) and Dr. U. Pollingher (IOLR).
1985-88 - Principal Investigator, Egypt-Israel-US AID Project- Lake Management, Phase III, with Dr. P. Walline (KLL, Israel), and Dr. Ibrahim A. Ezzat (National Institute of Inland Waters Research,Cairo, Egypt).
1987-90 - Member of the Executive Committee of the "World Association of Copepodologists" (WAPC).
1988-90 - Israeli Principal Investigator AID-CDR Project: Feeding Habits of Tilapias in Lake Victoria: Background Studies for Fishery Recovery Designs (with U. Pollingher, Israel and Peter B.O. Ochumba, Kenya). 
1989 - Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee for Research in the Drainage Basin of Lake Kinneret (Water Commission).
1989-90 - Supervised B. Azoulay for her MSc studies: Thesis entitled: "Predator-prey interactions between larval bleak Mirogrex terraesanctae (Steinitz, 1952) and Lake Kinneret zooplankton. Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and Kinneret Limnological Laboratory (IOLR).
1991-92 - Chairman of Scientific Committee for the Hula Drainage Basin (Keren Kayemet Le'Israel).
1992 - Full Professor, in the University of Oklahoma Biological Station, Department of Zoology, USA.
1991-92 - Principal Investigator, with Dr. T. Berman, Protozoans as potential food sources for zooplankton and fish larvae in Lake Kinneret. The Basic Science Foundation, Israel Academy of Science.
1992-95 - Principal Investigator, with Dr. P. Walline, Dr. I. Kalikhman (Israel) and Dr. Ezzat A. Ibrahim (National Institute for Inland Waters Research, Cairo, Egypt), Egypt -Israel-US-Aid Project: "Investigations on Lake Ecosystem in Egypt and Israe with Implications on Fisheries and Water Quality Management" Phase IV.
1992 - May 25-June 6: Lecturer-Instructor-Summer Session: Reservoir Limnology; ZOO. 5970, Section 054; 3 Credit Hours. The University of Oklahoma, Biological Station, Department of Zoology;10 Graduate and Undergraduate students.
1992 - Fall Semester: Lecturer-Instructor- Semestrial Course: Oceanography; ZOO 4453 Section 900; 3 Credit Hours. The University of Oklahoma, Department of Zoolo 23 Graduate and Undergraduate students.
1994 - July 18- July 29,Summer Session: Lecturer- Instructor: Reservoir Limnology; ZOO 4970/5970, Section 059, 3 Credit Hours; University of Oklahoma, Department of Zoology Biological Station. 5 Graduate and Undergraduate Students.
1994 - Fall Semester: Lecturer-Instructor-Semestrial Course: Limnology; ZOO 4462, Section 900; 2 Credit Hours. The University of Oklahoma Department of Zoology. 18 Graduate and Undergraduate Students.
1993-94 - Major Professor of Ph. D.'s student, Kirsten A. Work. Title: The Ecology of Daphnia lumholtzi (Sars), in LakeTexoma.
1993-94 - Major Professor of Ph.D.'s student, Philip W. Lienesch. Title: Interactions between Menidia beryllina and zooplankton in Lake Texoma.
1997-2000 - Superviser (Professor) of Ph.D. Student, Bonnie Azoulay. Title: The autecology of the new invader Eudiaptomus dreischi in Lake Kinneret. Hebrew University, Jerusalem and Kinneret Limnological Laboratory.
1997-2000 - Superviser (Professor) of Ph.D Student, James Easton. Title: Interactions between Kinneret Lavnun
(Acanthobrama terraesanctae) and Zooplankton in Lake Kinneret. Hebrew University, Jerusalem and Kinneret Limnological Laboratory.
1995-98 - Scientific coordination, Hula project, Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research Company-Galilee Technological Center: The Management of the Hula Valley: Water studies, Safari Wetland and Agricultural development.
1995 - Member of the Committee for Introduction and Fisheries management of Lake Kinneret; Ministry of Agriculture-Water Commissionary.
1996-97 - Project leader (Principal Investigator) with Dr. P.Walline (PI): The Limnology of Lake Ilopango, (El-Salvador); Funded by The Friends Association of Lake Ilopangoand FIAES.
1996-98 - Lecturer-Instructor (cooperatively with Dr. I. Berman-Frank) fall semester: Oceanography and Limnology (2.5 credits),1031402. Tel-Hay Academic College, 1995/6 (34 students).

1998-2001 - Fisheries management and water quality in lakes in Egypt (Wadi-el-rayan) and Israel (Kinneret). PI’s: M.Gophen P. Walline, I. Ostrovski (Israel) and E. Ibrahim, (Egypt) US-AID-MERC-Collaborative (Israe-Egypt-USA Texas A&M) Project.
1997-98 - Consultant: International Project-TAHAL (Israel), EPAL, Jaakko Poyri and SABESP (Brazil) and the World Bank.
1998 - Member of the organizing comittee of the 30th anniversary of the Kinneret Limnological Laboratory: Kinneret symposium- Limnology and Lake Management 2000+.
1996-97 - Consultant and cooperative research visit to Lake Ilopango, El-Salvador: Lake Ilopango Friends Association and FIAES, El- Salvador.
From 1997 - Scientific coordinator of the Hula Project Monitoring Program, Water Commission and Keren Kayemet Le’Israel (KKL).
1998 – 2004. - Israeli elected National Representative of the International Society of Limnology (SIL).
From 2000 - Chairman of The Hula Committee, Interior Ministry, Hula Project.
1/01/02 - Retirement from Kinneret Limnological Laboratory, IOLR.
From 1/1/2002 - Scientist in MIGAL – Galilee Technologicakll Center and external Prof. in The Tel Hai Academic College Teaching Limnology.
2002-2005 - Phosphorus management in Lake Agmon Wetland. PI's: M. Gophen and A. Nishri KinnereLimnological Laboratory, IOLR, and C. J. Richardson Duke University Wetland
Center, Durham, USA. Hydrologfical and vegetation cover monitoring.The US Forestry Service, JNF-KKL-Migal.
From 2003 - Head of the Cherie and Aaron Raznick Chair for the study of a Sustainable Man – Environment Relationship in the upper Galilee. Nomination of the Tel Hai Academic College.
2005 - February-March Teaching Limnology in the University of Valdivia, Chile, invited Visiting Prof.
From 2003-Comittee member of JNF proposal development in the Hula Valley.
From 2005- Comittee member of Upper Galilee Regional Municipality for Life Project-aquatic development in the Hula Valley.
From 2004-Member of the Academic Council of the Academic College Kinneret, Zemach, Jordan Valley.
2005-2006. September 2005 and May 2006.Consultant of Tahal, in Limnology in the Guanting Reservoiur Project, China, Beijing, BHRI and BWA.
2007- Reservoir management supervisor, Upper Galilee Municipality
2007 – Phoslock representative in Israel
2008 – Private consultant to Levinson Lawyer office and the Upper Galilee Development company for the water quality of the River Dan.
2009 – Invited Professor lecturing (64 hours) limnology in the University of Mexico (UNAM Univ. M. City),
department of Biology, 10 – - Private consultant of water quality to Ofra Co. Natural management of swimming pools and constructed
2010 - Private consultant of water quality to TAHAL –Water Planning in Israel for risk assessment project of treated sewage diversion into Rio de La Plata, Montevideo, Uruguay.
2010 – Private consultant of water quality to Macabi Carasso: Purification of nitrate rich underground waters by Constructed Wetlands.
2010 – Private consultant to Znovar Co.: Potential use of Fish Pond waste waters to revived rivers in Israel.
2010 – Private consultant to Znovar Co.: Summary of the Hula Project Phase one achievements.
2010 –Private Consultant to Aloni, Navon – Law Office: The impact of plant removal in the Kinneret Beach at
Kibutz Ginosar.
2012- 15.8.-16.9.2013. Invited Professor lectures and Lab. Advisory in UNAM university in Mexico.
2011-2014 Two proposal:1) The ecology of the Kinneret litoral; 2) The food composition of Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) in Lake
Kinneret. Agriculture Office Fishery Department'Lake Kinneret research.
2014-Member of the Organizing Committee, The 2nd Hydrology, Ocean, and Atmosphere Conference (HOAC 2014) 13-15 Beijing China..
2001-2017 Professional advisory given to Lawyers and Parliament Committees in Lawsuit Cases: 1) Kinneret Fishery Management; Drinking Water Supply from the Dan River in the Upper Galilee Region; Kinneret Terrestrial Beach Vegetation Management; Drinking Water Improvement-Nitrate removal; Public Constructed Wetlands and Ponds; Fish Poisoning by Industrial Wastes in The Mediterranean; Potential Impact of Oil exploration in the Golan Height Region on the water quality in Lake Kinneret.

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