Prof. Segula Masaphy

Prof. Segula Masaphy
Principal Investigator
Associate Professor
Faculty of Agriculture, PhD
Biotechnology of Mushrooms
Research interests:

Ecology and Biotechnology of Mushroom

Bio-active compounds from mushrooms

Environmental Mycology

Water Microbiology

The aim of my research is to increase the applied knowledge on microbial interactions with their environment, mainly filamentous fungi (including edible mushrooms), either improving their valuable functions or reducing their undesired ones. This includes studies on ecology and biotechnology of Morel mushroom, bacteria/fungi interaction, fungal biodegradation of organic and inorganic matter, interaction of fungi with minerals and search for new biological sources of antifungal compounds. The laboratory also works on other applied research topics in food, soil and water microbiology.


Ph.D. 1996, Microbiology and Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, Rehovot, and MIGAL Research Institute
M.Sc. 1986, Microbiology and Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, Rehovot, and MIGAL Research Institute

Academic and research experience

2015 -  Associate Professor, Head of Department Food Sciences Studies, Tel-Hai Academic college
2013-  Head of Food Studies, Tel-Hai Academic college
2002-2011 Head of the Food and Water Microbiology Service Lab, MIGAL
2000– 2015 Senior Lecturer, Tel Hai Academic college
2000– Researcher, MIGAL Research Institute
1999-2000 Post Doctoral fellow at Aberystwyth University, UK
1997-1999 Post Doctoral fellow in Soil and Water Dep., Volcani Center, Israel
1986-1992 Teacher, Tel Hai Technology College

Scientific Publications

Synthesis and antibacterial activity of solanum torvum mediated silver nanoparticle against Xxanthomonas axonopodis pv. punicae and Ralstonia solanacearum

2) Vanti, G. L., Kurjogi, M., Basavesha, K. N., Teradal, N. L., Masaphy, S., & Nargund, V. B.
Journal of Biotechnology, 309, 20-28.‏

Synthesis and application of chitosan-copper nanoparticles on damping off causing plant pathogenic fungi.

Gulamnabi Vanti, Segula Masaphy Savita chakrasali, Mahantesh Kurjogi, Vijendra Nargund
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules.


Immobilization of Rhus vernicifera Laccase on sepiolite; effect of chitosan and copper modification on laccase adsorption and activity

Olshansky, Y., Masaphy, S., Root, R.A., Rytwo, G.
Applied Clay Sciences 2017

True Morels (Morchella) ? Nutritional and Phytochemical Composition, Health Benefits and Flavor: a Review.

Tietel Z. and Masaphy S.
Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition. 2017

Aroma-volatile profile of black morel (Morchella importuna) grown in Israel

Tietel Z. and Masaphy S.
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 2017 Volume Online publication on 1-7-17