The Shahar Lab - Molecular Neurodynamics

We study molecular dynamics in the brain and mechanisms of mRNA translation control.

Our interests include:

  1. To elucidate molecular mechanisms of memory formation.
  2. To define molecular pathways of brain development in health and disease.
  3. To better understand the mechanisms leading to neurodegeneration, focusing on genomic-instability-related disorders.
  4. To reveal molecular networks affecting aging.

Our model systems include cell cultures and zebrafish which are well suited for our aims.

We use state of the art microscopy, cell-type-specific proteomics and sequencing combined with computational analysis.

Check out our recent publication in which we developed a transgenic zebrafish line allowing for the labeling of newly-synthesized-proteins in a cell-type-specific manner in neurons.

Join us for exciting, fun science!

We are looking for enthusiastic graduate students, a lab technician and postdocs. If you are interested, please email Or Shahar.

Principal Researcher

Lab News

10/03/2023 - New Publication!

Congrats to Kitty and Heba for the review published in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology. We discuss - Learning and memory formation in zebrafish: Protein dynamics and molecular tools. Check it out:

Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology>

16/02/2023 - GRC conference

Or gave a talk the at the international Gordon Research Conference(GRC) - Translation Machinery in Health and Disease  in Galveston, Texas,

Imprtantly - He came back with nice chocolates  :)

Gordon Research Conferences

Welcome Tomer & Ma'ayan !

Our lab just got bigger!

We are very happy to welcome Tomer Gutman and Maayan Shirizly to our lab team!

Welcome and good luck! 


Outreach activity

Or Shahar gave a volunteer lecture at Unistream, a non profit organization exposing young students from the periphery to science and innovation.

Unistream seminar1

In the Media

Migal Institute for Peripheral Youth with Love

Dr. Shahar teaching high schoolers
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Latest Publications

Editorial: Molecular Links Between Metabolism and Neural Dysfunction

A Meerson, O Shahar, I Mor
Frontiers in Neuroscience 17, 963

Contact Information

Principal Researcher - Or David Shahar


telephone: 046955023

Migal Building, 4th Floor 

Tarshish 2 | Kiryat Shmona | Israel

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