Plant Development and Adaptation Laboratory

Dr. Yehoram (Yori) Leshem

Principal Researcher

Latest Publications

Discovery of microRNAs in Pyrus stigma exudates opens new research avenues in Horticulture

Vivek Ambastha, Yuval Nevo, Ifat Matityhu, David Honys and Yehoram Leshem
PNAS Nexus 2, 1–4

Low Chilling Requirement apple cultivars as a potential genomic resource for improving heat stress tolerance during global warming

Ambastha V and Leshem Y
Agricultural Research & Technology 26:3

RabA2b Overexpression Alters the Plasma-Membrane Proteome and Improves Drought Tolerance in Arabidopsis

Vivek Ambastha, Ifat Matityahu, Dafna Tidhar and Yehoram Leshem
Frontiers in Plant Science 12:738694

Mitochondrial heat-shock cognate protein 70 contributes to auxin-mediated embryo development

Guichen Li, Zitong Li, Zeyun Yang, Yehoram Leshem, Yuequan Shen, Shuzhen Men
Plant Physiology