Plant-Microbe Interaction Lab

Dr. Elhanan Tzipilevich

Our lab is interested in all aspects of plant-microbe interactions 

Utilizing cutting-edge microbiology, plant genetics, and microscopy we explore the mutual connections between plants and bacteria.

The two main research areas are:

1. Food safety: How do edible plants interact with human pathogens (e.g. Salmonella and Listeria) and how can we manipulate these interactions to promote food safety?

2. Plant growth-promoting bacteria (PGPR): Explore the mechanisms of plant colonization by PGPR in order to enhance their beneficial effect. 

Principal Researcher

Latest Publications

Bacteria elicit a phage tolerance response subsequent to infection of their neighbors

Elhanan Tzipilevich, Osher Pollak-Fiyaksel, Bushra Shraiteh , Sigal Ben-Yehuda

Phage-Resistant Bacteria Reveal a Role for Potassium in Root Colonization

Tzipilevich E, Benfey PN.

Plant immune system activation is necessary for efficient root colonization by auxin-secreting beneficial bacteria

Elhanan Tzipilevich, Dor Russ, Jeffery L Dangl , Philip N Benfey
Cell Host Microbe

A mutant bacteriophage evolved to infect resistant bacteria gained a broader host range

Michal Habusha, Elhanan Tzipilevich , Osher Fiyaksel , Sigal Ben-Yehuda
Mol Microbiol

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