Soil Water and Environment – Biotic Stress in Plants

Prof. Uri Marchaim

Principal Researcher

Latest Publications

Bioconversion of poultry and fish waste by Lucilia Sericata and Sarcophage Carnaria larvae

Braverman Y., Marchaim, U., Glatman L., Drabkin V., Chizov-Ginzburg A., Mumcuoglu K. and Gelman A.
Asian J. of Water Environment and Pollution 2011 Volume 8 Pages 69-75

Reducing waste contamination from animal processing plants by anaerobic thermophilic fermentation and via flesh fly digestion

Marchaim U., Gelman A., and Braverman Y.
Applied Biochemistry & Biotechnology 2002

Biogas Technology as an Environmental Solution to Pollution

Uri Marchaim and George Ney
REUR Technical Series 33, Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations 1994

Biogas Processes for Sustainable Development

Uri Marchaim
FAO AGRICULTURAL SERVICES BULLETIN No 95. Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, Rome 1992 Issue 95