Agricultural Economics & Sustainability Science

We research the farm-food-environment nexus and develop ways to increase agricultural production while minimizing damage to ecosystems and human health. We use experimental economic tools to explore the adoption of new technologies or practices among farmers, the potential of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) for accelerating agricultural development, and new ways to boost economic and environmental sustainability in agriculture.

Dr. Adam Abramson


Principal Researcher

Latest Publications

A tale of two rivers: Pathways for improving water management in the Jordan and Colorado River basins

Assaf Chen, Adam Abramson, Nir Becker, Sharon B. Megdal
Journal of Arid Environments
Volume 112, Part A, January 2015, Pages 109-123

Outlining a transition from cost-effective to productive rural water service improvements

Adam Abramson
In book: Global Water: Issues and Insights

Exploring parameter effects on the economic outcomes of groundwater-based developments in remote, low-resource settings

Adam Abramson, Eilon Adar, Naftali Lazarovitch
Journal of Hydrology
Volume 514, 6 June 2014, Pages 15-29

Decision support system for economic assessment of water improvements in remote, low-resource settings

Adam Abramson, Naftali Lazarovitch, Sylvie Massoth
Environmental Modelling & Software · Jun 1, 2014

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