Insects as Food and Feed

Dr. Itai Opatovsky

Principal Researcher

Latest Publications

Control of lettuce big‐vein by application of fungicides and crop covers

Opatovsky I., Elbaz M, Dori I, Avraham L., Mordechai-Lebiush S., Dombrovsky A. and Tsror (Lahkim) L.

First Report of Lettuce Big Vein Disease Caused by Olpidium spp., Mirafiori Lettuce Big-Vein Virus, and Lettuce Big-Vein Associated Virus in Israel

Opatovsky I., Elbaz M, Tsror (Lahkim) L. and Dombrovsky A

An eco-systems biology approach for modeling trophic networks of plant sucking insects and their bacterial symbionts.

Opatovsky I., Santos-Garcia D., Lahav T., Ofaim S., Zchori-Fein E. and Freilich S.

Use of alternative habitats by spiders in a desert agroecosystem

Opatovsky I., Musli I., Weintraub P.G. and Lubin Y.

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