Insects as Food and Feed

Dr. Itai Opatovsky

Principal Researcher

Latest Publications

First Report of Lettuce Big Vein Disease Caused by Olpidium spp., Mirafiori Lettuce Big-Vein Virus, and Lettuce Big-Vein Associated Virus in Israel

Opatovsky I., Elbaz M, Tsror (Lahkim) L. and Dombrovsky A

Control of lettuce big‐vein by application of fungicides and crop covers

Opatovsky I., Elbaz M, Dori I, Avraham L., Mordechai-Lebiush S., Dombrovsky A. and Tsror (Lahkim) L.

An eco-systems biology approach for modeling trophic networks of plant sucking insects and their bacterial symbionts.

Opatovsky I., Santos-Garcia D., Lahav T., Ofaim S., Zchori-Fein E. and Freilich S.

Use of alternative habitats by spiders in a desert agroecosystem

Opatovsky I., Musli I., Weintraub P.G. and Lubin Y.

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