Plant Metabolism Laboratory

Prof. Rachel Amir

Principal Researcher

Latest Publications

Elucidating the Importance of the Catabolic Enzyme, Methionine-gamma-Lyase, in Stresses during Arabidopsis Seed Development and Germination

Hacham Y, Shitrit O, Nisimi O, Friebach M, Amir R.
Frontiers in Plant Science 14: 1143021

Cystathionine γ-synthase expression alters metabolic and DNA methylation profiles in Arabidopsis leaves and seeds

Girija A, Hacham Y, Dvir  S, Panda S, Lieberman-Lazarovich M, Amir R.
Plant Physiology (In Press)

Metabolic profiling of outer fruit peels from 15 accessions of pomegranate (Punica granatum L.)

Yaritz U, Schweitzer R, Holland D, Tian L, Amir R.
Journal of Food Composition and Analysis. IF=4.556

The effect of 10 hosts on the primary metabolic profile of the parasitic plant, Phelipanche aegyptiaca

Kumar K, Hacham Y, Amir R.
Metabolites 12, 1195 IF=5.58